Assessment Matters Newsletter Archive
Volume 7, 2015-2016

Assessment Matters is an e-mail newsletter that is circulated biweekly during the academic year to deans, chairs, and other interested faculty and administrators. The goal is to provide the UNF community with practical, helpful, and timely assessment news, ideas, and resources.  I welcome your comments and suggestions for topics to be addressed in these communications.


To be added to the distribution list for future issues or for help with your assessment-related needs please contact Dr. Megan Schramm-Possinger, Director of Assessment. 



Assessment Matters

Volume 7, 2015-2016

1. UNF's Upcoming Assessment Year (08/28/2015)
    Assessment Matters 7(1)

2. Gearing Up for Your Assessment Year (09/11/2015)
    Assessment Matters 7(2)

3. How Much Do Students Learn at UNF? (09/25/2015)
    Assessment Matters 7(3)

4. ALCs and GALCs - The Next Big Goal (10/09/2015)
    Assessment Matters 7(4)

5. Campus Life Survey Questions - Deadline Nov. 16 (10/23/2015)
    Assessment Matters 7(5)

6. Art & Design - An ALC Success Story (11/06/2015)
    Assessment Matters 7(6)

7. Time to Get Started on your ALC/GALC! (11/20/2015)
    Assessment Matters 7(7)

8. Goodbye, Sort Of (12/04/2015)
    Assessment Matters 7(8)