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September 2016 

Shari Shares 

We had a successful start to the academic year thanks to the dedicated work and effort from all of you! Our campus is vibrant with the energy from our more than 16,000 students. The work that you do is very important to the operation of the University and I am grateful we have such remarkable employees in our division.  
Our division continues to have good representation for the Presidential Excellence Awards. I want to congratulate the spring cycle award winners, please see their names further down in this Communique. 


To further address what UNF is doing to improve our performance funding metrics, I would like to share what Academic Affairs, in conjunction with Enrollment Services and the University at large, has implemented to facilitate retention and graduation:  

  • Restructured orientation programming into a more immersive 2-day overnight experience that includes lectures, writing assignments, and placement testing in writing and math, which focuses more on integrating academically into UNF. 
  • A new summer student success strategy, which includes preparatory modules and skills-building classes in math and writing to help the transition to the type of rigor students will see here at UNF. 
  • More “hands on” approach to advising in the first year and in the last year in order to get everyone started well and to push them to finish. 
  • Mid-term grade outreach – ACE advisors send an initial email alert to any student with one or more unsatisfactory grades at mid-term and then follow up with a phone call to students who do not respond.
  • Encouraging and incentivizing students to enroll in 15 hours per term instead of 12.  Our own analytics show that students actually retain better by taking more hours.
  • More communication and interventions with students.  As evidence of that increased emphasis, our Student Enrollment Communication Center in Enrollment Services made over 100,000 calls to prospective and current students over the last year.  All this coming from a center that did not exist until two years ago.

  • Expanded programs focused on transitioning students to university study, such as BioFlite, a week-long pre-term program that prepares students for their introductory Biology courses. 
  • Greatly expanded the Supplemental Instruction program, which has resulted in an increased pass rate for students who attend regularly. 
  • Expanded tutoring to add evening hours, more subjects, and more locations (including the library and the residence halls).
  • Implemented Provost’s House Calls program in which faculty, staff, and administrators visited freshmen in the residence halls.
  • Instituted a central analytics team (comprised of faculty) to better understand and predict student progress.  

Below are a few projects that I would like to highlight this month along with a list of staffing changes. 


Osprey Eyes  

The Osprey Eyes Program is a student-focused service review process that enables campus units to more quickly and intelligently identify key customer service components.  A&F Communications & Training hires and trains a diverse group of 15-20 students each semester to "secret shop" campus venues and report findings using an online questionnaire. The reviews can be a face to face visit, telephone interaction, email correspondence, or a website critique. The data is collected, analyzed and provided to the manager of each venue at the end of the eight-week review period. 


This past spring, 38 venues were reviewed. Some of these were Advising, Athletic Events, Bookstore, Campus Tours, Career Services, Golf Complex, ITS Help Desk, Student/Parent Orientations, One-Stop Student Services, Parking Services, Student Financial Services, Thomas G. Carpenter Library, and the campus food units. Two benchmark questions are tracked and used for overall comparisons. The first is "Did the way you were treated on this visit make you feel like you were a priority?" The second is "What overall grade would you give to this venue based solely on this review?" Cumulatively, the top three venues ranking the highest on the priority question are Open House (Enrollment Services), Campus Tours (Enrollment Services) and Community First Credit UnionTwo venues have increased their grade point average (as recorded by the student reviewers) all five semesters of the program's existence, they are the ITS Help Desk and The Boathouse


The program has conducted more than 2,500 reviews since 2014. Osprey Eyes turns data into information, information into insight, insight into action, and action into improved customer experiences for UNF students, faculty, and staff. Learn more about the Osprey Eyes Program

Windows 10 

The new Windows 10 client is now available for faculty and staff computers. Performance is improved, you will experience enhanced searching and see refreshed icons and graphics. If you would like to upgrade to Windows 10, submit an ITS Request and your C-Tech will coordinate the process. Please note, it may take a couple of weeks to have the new client installed due to demand and resources. Going forward, all new faculty and staff computers that are part of the refresh/currency program will feature Windows 10 (unless there is a conflict with an application you are required to run). Learn more about Windows 10.

Excellence Awards Winners

Please congratulate our division's Presidential Excellence Award Winners. 

  • Presidential Excellence Award 
    • (USPS): Margaret Anderson, Office Manager, Procurement Services (Second Place)
    • (A&P): Gaea Holt, Senior Buyer, Procurement Services (Second Place) 
  • Presidential Spot Awards: 
    • Kira Galang, Office Assistant, Parking and Transportation Services
    • James Greer, Maintenance Mechanic, Physical Facilities
    • Felicia Griffin, Office Assistant, Physical Facilities
    • Kempton Jackson, Refuse Recycle Moving Supervisor, Physical Facilities 
    • Kylan Knight, Maintenance Mechanic, Physical Facilities
    • Sheila Kramer, Parking Attendant, Parking and Transportation Services
    • Joe Lynch, Information Technology Support Specialist, Office of the CIO
    • Robert Parnell, Accounts Payable/Receivable Associate, Controller
    • Leanne Thomas, Manager of Accounts Payable, Controller

The next deadline for the Presidential Excellence Awards is Thursday, December 15 for the fall cycle. Questions may be directed to

Our People

We welcome these new staff members

Emanuel Bacon, Recycle Refuse Worker, Recycle

Eric Cardenas, Custodial Worker, Custodial Services

James Couch, Custodial Worker, Custodial Services

Andre Davis, Recycle Refuse Worker, Recycle

Bianca DePass, Accounts Payable Receivable Associate, Controller 

Adam Harpstrite, Warehouse Manager, Training & Services Institute 

Courtney Manns, Office Manager, Parking & Transportation Services 
Jessica Pavliska, Coordinator Student Financial Services, Controller 
Christopher Petrello, Director IT Service Management, User Services
Robert Stewart, Asst Director IT Security, IT Security

Jennifer Wessel, Custodial Worker, Custodial Services

We congratulate this staff member who has recently been promoted

Alison Cruess, Director of A&F Communications & Training, Project Director for the Commission on Diversity & Inclusion (CODI) 

We say goodbye to these staff members who recently left the University

Abigail Blumenfeld, Program Asst, ADA Compliance
Glenda Edwards, Senior Custodial Supervisor, Custodial Services
Miralem Isakovic, Coordinator Student Financial Services, Controller
Sabrina Jones, Custodial Worker, Custodial Services
Ashley Michelle Petit-Bois, Custodial Worker, Custodial Services

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