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January 2018

Shari Shares 

Happy New Year! Remember, 2018 is the beginning, of anything you want. Make it the best year yet for you. And as a division, we are going to try and make it a better year for others. We will be organizing volunteer events that we can participate in as a group. Below you will find a survey to identify volunteer opportunities that would be of interest to you. Please take the time to fill out the survey.


In previous VP Communiques, I mentioned Administration & Finance would focus on improving civility and respect. This initiative is now included in our division's new strategic plan. After hearing from our directors on what will work best in their areas, we have decided to move forward with some options. None of these are mandatory, just encouraged. First, attend at least one diversity and inclusion event during 2018. The event(s) can be sponsored by an organization on or off our campus. Check the calendar of events or the Diversity calendar for upcoming activities. Second, we are working with Student Affairs to provide a two-hour introductory class on diversity, inclusion and equity called Cultural Competency Pursuit 101. Some of you may have completed it, but it has been revised recently and we are hoping to offer some classes dedicated to our division. Third, your director may have some other activities planned specifically for your department. The most important thing is to remember the golden rule, treat others as you would like to be treated. 


Below are a few bits of information that I would like to highlight this month.

Department Spotlight: Campus Planning, Design & Construction 

Campus Planning, Design, and Construction provides the campus vision for growth and planned development through maintaining and updating the Campus Master Plan. The Master Plan is an ever changing document that is updated every five years giving the opportunity to adjust and identify priorities. The Master Plan also guides the look and feel of campus for an aesthetically beautiful and cohesive campus.

The Department consists of six staff which includes a Director, an Assistant Director, two Project Managers, a Space Coordinator, Business Manager, and an Administrative Assistant. The Department is responsible for all new construction and renovation projects on campus. These include various types of projects for new buildings, new additions, renovations, roads and multi-use paths. The projects can also include exterior spaces for gathering and/or aesthetics improvements.

Additionally, the Department is responsible for filing reports to the Board of Governors, funding requests associated with Capital Improvement Requests, space inventory and utilization. The space inventory function is a data base for reporting the space utilization and is continually reviewed and updated for reporting to the BOG three times a year. The Department maintains floor plans on the UNF network drive for University Staff which are used to reference departmental areas within buildings as well as identify square footages. Associated key approvals for the departmental areas are also managed by CPDC.

Employee Spotlight: Mary Mory 

Mary Mory is a coordinator for Campus Planning, Design & Construction and has worked at UNF for 11 years. 


What are some things you do on your job?

Despite my catchy (and catch-all) title, I actually serve as UNF’s Space Coordinator. One of my primary activities as space coordinator is the maintenance of the University’s space file, which houses data related to our campus sites and buildings (over 2,000 acres of land, and over 4.6 million square feet of space in our buildings). I also maintain all of our building floor plans and some of my colleagues here may know me as the go-to person for key approver changes, which we also keep in the space file. There’s more, but those are the highlights!


What is your favorite (work) project (past or present) and why do/did you like it so much? 
One project that has been especially rewarding has been helping conduct our Educational Plant Surveys, a BOG-mandated process that each university is required to undertake every five years. While it involves a lot of work, the outcome of the survey is an important determinant of eligibility for state funding of our capital projects. Being a team member for several Educational Plant Surveys across the system has been a great way for me to learn first-hand about other universities, their programs, and issues we have in common.


What do you do on your days off of work?  

My husband and I are renovating a house in one of Jacksonville’s historic districts.

What is one hidden talent you possess? 

Many people don’t know that I’m a registered architect. (Also good with power tools.)


What do you enjoy most about working at UNF? 

I really appreciate UNF’s commitment to diversity and inclusion, which goes well beyond just a policy statement. The rhythm and dynamics of the academic year, the beautiful natural environment surrounding our campus, and the great people on our faculty and staff, have made my 11 years here very enjoyable.  

Mary Mory headshot
Mary Mory   

Download the Safe Ospreys App  

There is a new app that you will want to download and use as soon as possible. It is called "Safe Ospreys" and is available for Apple and Android. Its purpose is to communicate messages and alerts to the campus community. After it is installed and If prompted, grant permission to receive app notifications. By downloading the app, users will have access to the UNF Alert Feed for emergency notifications and these six safety feature buttons:

  • Mobile BlueLight: Just like the blue emergency phones on campus, this button simultaneously sends your location and calls the dispatchers in the University Police Department.
  • Friend Walk: This allows individuals to send your location in real-time to a friend or parent, so they can monitor as you walk to your destination and trigger a call to emergency services, if needed.
  • Report a Tip: Users can report a tip of unusual or criminal activity to UPD using one of three options—a Tip Report, the Silent Witness program or a call to UPD’s dispatch center.
  • Safety Toolbox: This button reveals a set of tools with directions—Flashlight, Share Map of your location and Notification History.
  • Emergency Plans: Even without internet access, users will be able to view and keep informed of the University’s emergency plans, such as procedures for bomb threats, campus disturbance, hazardous release, fire and facility evacuation.
  • Support Resources: This button offers links to the University’s Counseling Center and Women’s Center.

Wireless Upgrade Project 

Information Technology Services has begun the process of upgrading the wireless network on campus. This upgrade significantly increases the reliability and speed associated with the wireless network. During this process, the wireless network will be re-designed to support user density in all useable rooms on campus. This ensures that classrooms and other heavily populated areas have the appropriate number of access points to provide the necessary speed and capacity to support wireless devices. This upgrade process is to be performed over multiple phases. The first phase of this process has already begun and will replace roughly half of the current access points on campus. 


The first phase includes upgrades to the following areas: Residence Halls (Osprey Village, Osprey Crossings, Osprey Cove, Osprey Landing, Osprey Hall, The Flats, and The Fountains), Building 5 - Physical Facilities, Building 6 - The Annex, Building 9 - Fred Schultz Hall, Building 16 - Osprey Commons, Building 17 - Osprey Clubhouse, Building 42 - Coggin College of Business, Building 47 - Traffic Control Booth, Building 51 - Social Science, Building 52 - Parking Services, Building 62 - Housing Maintenance, and Building 64 - Campus Maintenance Facility. 

ITS expects the first phase to be completed before the beginning of the Fall 2018 semester. The number of phases and length of time to upgrade the entire campus will depend on resources and budget availability.

Complete the Volunteer Survey

As we ring in the New Year, we look forward to the many new experiences that 2018 will bring. While we know that charitable contributions and providing compassionate assistance are at the forefront of countless individual’s minds during the holidays, in many cases when a new year begins, active volunteerism and community involvement hours rapidly decline. Several of our worthwhile charitable organizations struggle in the immediate months after the holidays and throughout the year leading up to the next holiday season.  

There are many surprising benefits to you as a volunteer. Not only is it vital to help those in need in our community, but volunteering can help you reduce stress, combat depression and anxiety, provide a sense of purpose and improve your health and happiness. It can connect you with others, increase your self-confidence and is an easy way to explore your interests and passions!

This brief survey is to guide us in getting a better idea about worthwhile causes that our divisional colleagues are interested in. By participating in the survey, not only does it assist in spreading awareness on social issues that are important to each one of us, but also promotes worthy volunteer opportunities in 2018. As the New Year begins, let’s take our time, talents and treasures and reach out to support one another and our communities. Coming together and volunteering (in any way!) will provide us with the chance to make new friends and connect with each other outside of our work environment. Take the Survey. 

Parking Services Forms are Online 

Since moving to a virtual parking permit, many forms are online. Below is short description of some of these. 

  • Visitor Parking (formally Registered Guest) - When a department has guests visit the campus, they are now given codes that enable the visitors to enter at a Pay-by-Plate parking kiosk. To request a Visitor Validation Code, access myWings and go to "Employee Online Forms". Under "Parking and Transportation Services", select "Visitor Parking Validations," then select "Spring 2018" from the drop-down menu. There are instructions that departments can send to their visitors to help them know where to park and how to use the kiosks. Training on the visitor parking process is available and employees can register for an upcoming class through the Center for Professional Development's link in myWings. 
  • Stop Payment or Refund - If an employee needs to stop payment (e.g. if they leave the University) for a parking permit or request a refund, they can access myWingsselect "Employee Online Forms". Under "Parking and Transportation Services", they can select "Stop Payroll/Refund Request" link and complete the form. 
  • Permit Change Request - If an employee needs to change the type of parking permit they have (e.g. from a gray pass to a blue pass), they can access myWings and select "Employee Online Forms". Under "Parking and Transportation Services", they can select "Faculty and Staff Permit Exchange Request" and complete the form. 

Presidential Search Update

John Delaney, our president for the past 15 years, is retiring in May. Below is an update from Dr. Radha Pyati, a member of the search committee. 

  • Approximately three dozen candidates will have submitted their applications by Feb. 1, and another 50 or so are seriously considering it. They are roughly 85% academic and 15% nonacademic individuals. The academic individuals are a mix of provosts, deans, and vice presidents. The nonacademic individuals have significant leadership experience. 37% are women or underrepresented minorities.  
  • Parker expects that we will get 8-10 quality candidates for semifinalist interviews.  
  • The Search Committee will meet in Jan. to discuss questions to ask the candidates and next steps. The Committee will then meet Feb. 1 to review submitted applications. 

Divisional Holiday Social 

Administration and Finance held a holiday social on Dec. 1 at the Boathouse. Great food and camaraderie was had by all who could attend. 


 Admin and Finance Social Dec 1 2017 Admin and Finance Social Dec 1 2017-2  Admin and Finance Social Dec 1 2017-3

Our People

The employees for January’s “Our People” will be included in February’s edition of the VP Communique. Human Resources, who provides these names, combines December and January into one grouping.

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