Freshman Scholarships
UNF Merit-Based Scholarships: Automatic Consideration

Presidential Scholarship Program

Our Presidential Scholarships are awarded by the Office of Admissions to recognize incoming freshmen who exhibit particularly outstanding academic achievements. There is no separate application for this scholarship program. You will be considered automatically when you apply to UNF.  



Students must meet the minimum test scores and GPA to be eligible for each tier. Test scores are based on UNF Office of Admissions procedures. Scholarship awards are distributed on a funds-available basis. Get more information about Freshman Admissions Requirements here.


2017-2018 Awards*



Minimum GPA



Award Amount****
  Diamond 4.3 1450 1400 32 $24,000     
  Platinum 4.1 1380 1320 29 $16,000
  Gold 3.9 1310 1250 28 $12,000
  Silver 3.8 1290 1220 27 $8,000

* Award amounts for 2016-2017 freshman students may be different. 

** Redesigned SAT, March 2016 and after. Combined reading/writing and math only

*** Tests taken prior to March 2016. Combined verbal and math only.

**** Award amounts reflect the total amount over 4 years and are contingent upon meeting specified renewal criteria.



Additional UNF Merit-Based Scholarships

Scholarship Eligibility      Award
UNF Academic Scholarship
  • Guaranteed to all National Achievement Finalists and National Hispanic Scholars
  • Student must send a copy of Finalist letter to the Office of Student Financial Aid for consideration
  • This award replaces any other UNF renewable awards, such as Presidential 


($5,000/year x 4 years)

National Merit Finalists and Semi-Finalists


  • National Merit Finalists and Semi-Finalists are eligible for additional funding on top of the Presidential Scholarship
  • National Merit Scholarship award winners may also be eligible for the Benacquisto Scholarship Program. Visit for more information.
  • Students must send a copy of Finalist letter and/or Scholarship award letter to the Office of Student Financial Aid for consideration


Amount Varies