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UNF Presidential Scholarship Program 2018 - 2019


Award amount: Up to $24,000

Minimum requirements: 3.8 high school GPA


The University of North Florida is committed to helping students invest in their college education. Incoming first-year students who exhibit outstanding academic achievements are considered automatically for the Presidential Scholarship. Awards range up to $24,000 over four years for students who have at least a 3.8 weighted grade point average and corresponding test scores on the ACT or SAT.


The Presidential Scholarship amount you may be eligible for is based on a combination of your test score and recalculated high school grade point average. The higher your GPA and test scores, the more likely you will be to receive a higher amount. Scholarships are provided on a funds-available basis, so apply for admission early. No separate scholarship application is required. The priority deadline for all scholarships is Oct. 15, 2017. Students who have been admitted to UNF by this deadline will receive priority consideration.

Re-evaluations of 2018-19 Presidential Scholarship awardees

The Presidential Scholarships are awarded based on a combination of high school GPA and test scores. For 2018-19, the University of North Florida changed its award bands, requiring both higher GPAs and test scores for these automatic awards. If students who have been awarded Presidential Scholarships would like to have their award amounts re-evaluated because of an improved high school GPA or test score, the University of North Florida Office of Student Financial Aid will reexamine awards at the end of January, mid-April and at the beginning of July. Students should make sure we have their new transcripts and scores before those dates for prompt evaluation. Students will be notified if there is a change to their award status.