Meet an Osprey

Liz     Liz_Swoop Squad

Name: Liz Iannone


Major, year: Mathematics, Junior


Hometown:  Jacksonville, FL 


Why did you choose UNF?  

I love the small class sizes that let me get to know my fellow ospreys and my professors, we have the most beautiful campus, and I look awesome in blue and grey. 


What is your favorite part of being a student at UNF? 

UNF is a young school and we get to create new traditions like Swooping! 


Any advice for incoming Freshmen?

Get involved! Don't be afraid to go to events and meet people!



Meet an Osprey - CalebCaleb

Hometown: Atlanta, GA
Major: Sports Management, 2014
Campus Involvement: North Florida SMA, Internships with the Enrollment Services and Jacksonville Jaguars


Do you live on campus? 

I’m currently staying at the UNF Villages and I love it there. It’s like owning your own apartment. Although you do have to share the room, you get a fridge and stove. I don’t have to walk across campus to get a bite to eat. If I’m ever hungry, I can just walk into the kitchen and whip something up.

Why do you love UNF?

I love UNF because it’s a great school that has opened up many doors for me. UNF gives students the opportunity to experience real-world situations that will help build their resume, as well as their character. The teachers and advisors are always willing to help, no matter how little or big the question might be. This is a place where learning and developing happens, and future students will love that about UNF.

Have you changed since coming to UNF?

I’m more responsible and passionate about learning. I take time out of my day to do research and mark down career goals that I want to reach. I sit down with my advisors monthly and discuss steps that need to be taken in order for me to be successful after my departure from UNF. These are things I did not do before coming to UNF. I have also become more open to different ideas instead of being stuck behind my own biased opinions. UNF has changed me for the better and is preparing me for the future. I am a proud Osprey and will “swoop” my way through until graduation!


CharlotteMeet an Osprey - Charlotte

Hometown: Goa, India
Major: Nursing, 2015
Campus Involvement: Best Buddies, Presidential Scholars, Jacksonville Commitment


How did you spend your summer?

Volunteering at the Mayo Clinic, family trips, working at Party City, and Working at UNF at the Jacksonville Commitment summer conference for high school students.

What has your UNF classroom experience been like?

The class sizes are not too big. I am getting to know my professors personally and they are always there to help me when I need it. The work given was challenging, but worth it because I got a lot out of it.

How have you changed since coming to UNF?

I have changed a lot since coming to UNF. Since high school I have grown a lot and have more of a grasp on life. UNF has showed me how to handle situations without having my parents involved at all which has made me independent. Also, I realize the important people in my life. UNF has helped me develop more of a passion for my major than I had before and is pushing me to accomplish my goal of being a nurse. And, it’s only my freshman year!

What's your opinion of the campus social scene?

There is always something to do at UNF! You will never be bored. People are friendly and there’s always new ways to get involved. You won’t feel like an outsider and the campus will feel like home as soon as you start attending.


Meet an Osprey - MickMick

Hometown: Altamonte Springs, FL
Major: Public Relations and Sociology, 2014
Campus Involvement: Swoop Squad, Delta Upsilon Fraternity, Osprey Productions, UNF Water Polo


How did you spend your summer?

I spent my summer getting freshmen acclimated and comfortable with UNF's campus at our orientation program, and getting them excited for the new year!

Do you live on campus?

I don't live on campus any longer, but I wish I had! UNF really offers a living and learning community where residence life is an active part. There is always something to do when you live on campus, and it's nice to be able to just walk to classes from where you live!

What has your classroom experience been like?

I've never been in gigantic lecture halls with 400+ people like some state universities. Classes I've taken have had as little as 12 students in them, and at UNF I really feel like you get a private school education at a public school price! Individualized attention is what you get at UNF, and you're not just a number!


NataliaMeet an Osprey - Joanne_Jax

Hometown: Jacksonville, FL
Major: Photography, 2013
Campus Involvement: African American Student Union, Rasine Kreyol (Haitian Culture Club), Photo Club


What's your opinion of the campus social scene?

I love how UNF has something for everyone. There are many different types of clubs ranging from the "Anime and Japanese Media Club," to the "Pride Club."

What has your UNF classroom experience been like?

My experience has been amazing. I love the fact that teachers will still remember your name after leaving their class the year prior.

Why will prospective students love UNF?

I think [they] will fall in love with the atmosphere at UNF. Overall, I feel that our campus has a very relaxed and easygoing vibe. Whether you’re out on the nature trails, swooping the loop, or just hanging out on the green you feel a sense of relief when you’re on campus.

  1. They will love the fact that everything at the University is within manageable walking distance from each other.
  2. They will love the fact that UNF is part nature preserve.
  3. They will love discovering many of UNF’s well kept secrets. UNF has many secrets and just being at UNF provides students with daily adventures.