Tutoring Appointments

ACE offers tutoring appointments for Improving English for Academic Purposes, Mathematics, Reading Comprehension and Writing.  For the Summer 2014 semester ACE is offering online tutoring appointments for Writing. Information about the online tutoring program, is available here.


All ACE tutoring appointments can be booked online via MyWings. Follow the instructions below to make an appointment.

To sign-up for a tutoring appointment 

  1. Log on to myWings and open your Student tab.
  2. Go to the My Records box and click ACE Advising, Tutoring and Workshops.
  3. Choose ACE Tutoring Schedules
    1. Find the Area and Subject for which you are interested in scheduling an appointment. 
      1. Note: Appointments are not available for all subjects. Online appointments are primarily for students who can not attend an appointment in the ACE office. Students choosing an online appointment must have access to a computer with a reliable high speed internet connection, and a microphone, a web camera is is also helpful for these appointments.
    2. Click on the available hyperlink to schedule an appointment for the day you desire.
    3.  Select the time you want from the available time slots by clicking the button labeled "Sel."
    4. If you need to cancel this appointment for any reason you should cancel the appointment by checking the box next to your scheduled appointment time and then clicking the "Delete" button.

If you have any questions, please contact ACE at ace@unf.edu or call us at (904) 620-1012.


ACE tutoring appointment policies


  • ACE limits the number of appointments that students can book per day for two reasons:

    • After an hour of intensive work, both tutor and student need to take a mental break, and the student needs time to think about the tutoring suggestions and incorporate any changes into his or her work.
    • ACE has an obligation to help all UNF students. When one student books more than one hour per day of appointments, that student prevents other students from being able to receive appointment-based tutoring in a timely manner.
  •  Students may book up to one hour  of appointment-based tutoring, either face-to-face or online, per day. This time can be in the form of one hour-long appointment or two 30-minute-long appointments. Students with lengthy or complex assignments may want to book appointments for adjacent days (e.g. one hour on Monday and one hour on Tuesday) in order to cover all of their material in a timely manner.
    • Notes about Writing tutoring appointments:
      • One thirty minute appointment is ideal to address issues in one short (under six pages) assignment. 
      • For a single assignment that is over six pages, an hour appointment, or two thirty minute appointments, is recommended. 
      • Writing tutors will only review 1 paper per appointment.
      • Students working as a group on a class writing project must call ACE ahead to alert us of their special circumstances; groups working on a writing project should make an hour appointment and all group members must be present at the appointment.
    •  Note about Improving English for Academic Purposes tutoring appointments:
      • Students are encouraged to make regular (weekly or biweekly) appointments in order to consistently improve their academic English in the context of course assignments. 
  • Online tutoring appointments must be scheduled at least 12 hours in advance. This window of time is needed to all the student time to review and prepare for the technical requirement of the session. Click here for information about online tutoring appointments here.

ACE tutoring appointment cancelation and no-show policy

Tutoring appointments provide the opportunity for students to meet one-on-one with an ACE tutor or coordinator of instructional support for focused and intensive assistance.  Due to the limited availability and high demand for these appointments, there are often students waiting to book appointments that other students cancel.  A student who misses an appointment without canceling with sufficient notice prevents another student from taking advantage of that empty time slot- and from receiving the help needed.


To ensure that as many students as possible are able to receive tutoring assistance, ACE enforces the following appointment cancelation policy.  

  • If you cannot make it to your scheduled appointment, you should cancel it through myWings or by calling the ACE front desk at 904-620-1012 the day prior to the appointment to avoid being considered a “no-show.” 
  •  If something unexpected (e.g. illness, vehicle malfunction, etc.) will prevent you from attending your appointment the day of please call the office to cancel if possible. 
  • Students who miss more than 3 appointments in a given semester without canceling them properly prior to the appointment time will be prevented from making appointments online via myWings for the duration of that semester.  These students can still call the ACE front desk to make a tutoring appointment, if desired. 
  • Students who miss more than 5 appointments in one semester or 6 times in two semesters will be completely prevented from making ACE tutoring appointments for the duration of the current semester.  These students can still utilize ACE’s walk-in tutoring service in the subjects for which it is available.  Some subjects, however, are available by appointment only, and students who repeatedly violate ACE’s appointment cancelation policy risk losing access to tutoring in those subjects.