Placement Test Information  

Math Placement


UNF requires an ALEKS Placement, Preparation, and Learning (ALEKS PPL) Assessment to determine readiness for College Algebra and higher level math courses.  It is important to take this placement process seriously, as you will only be able to take the level of math your test score supports.  All entering first-year students, regardless of AP, IB, dual enrollment, and CLEP credits are required to take the placement test. 


Taking the Math Placement Exam


The ALEKS math placement test is available to all first time in college students admitted to UNF who are signed up for New Student Orientation. Students are strongly encouraged to take a proctored math placement test prior to attending Orientation.  You can sign up for the proctored math placement test by clicking here.  Input the email and password you used when applying to UNF.  Prior to taking the proctored test,  we encourage all students to take a practice test on their own. Students are encouraged to practice in the ALEKS modules at least one hour for each point they score below the cut-off score for the math class they wish to place in before they take the proctored exam.  Students access the ALEKS math placement test through Canvas, which you can access from the student tab of myWings.  When in Canvas, select "All Courses", then "Math Placement".  Clicking on the testing link will access the ALEKS placement test.  Clicking on "Get Started" allows students to practice and improve through the ALEKS modules.


Placement and Learning Modules


Students will have access to their scores upon completion of the placement test. To see how your math placement score informs your class selection, please review the Math Placement Cut Scores and Math by Major Chart.  At Orientation students will meet with their Academic Advisor to discuss scores and placement results more thoroughly. Students who do not place in their desired math course are required to work in the Prep and Learning Modules offered within ALEKS to improve their skills.  After orientation if a student completes at least three hours of additional work in the Prep and Learning Modules, they are encouraged to meet with their Academic Advisor to schedule another proctored attempt of the math placement test.  



Writing Placement


To help us determine appropriate placement in English courses, students should take the Writing Placement online through Canvas before attending their orientation.  Students will be able to see what they scored and have the ability to retake the placement if they would like to try and score higher.  Writing resources are included in the Canvas site for students to review.  


The UNF Writing Placement assesses three areas of writing ability and habits: (1) rhetorical awareness, (2) revision practice, and (3) style and grammar.


These are the current scores needed to place into each of the following English courses:

Course Score
ENC 1130- Intensive Writing  0-60% on 2 or 3 areas

ENC 1101- Rhetoric & Writing 

0-60% on 1 area 

60-80% on all areas 

ENC 1143- Rhetoric & Narrative  80-100% on all areas