Duties for the Assessment Committee can include the following: 

  • Research advising assessments at other universities and recommend those that would be beneficial at UNF
  • Develop/maintain and disseminate the advising quality assessment given each fall and spring to students and report assessment findings to AAC and the Dean of Undergraduate Studies
  • Create strategy or incentives for students to complete surveys in order to ensure a 15% response rate
  • Provide on-going assessment feedback to the AAC for integration into training activities
  • Maintain assessment materials on the AAC Canvas site 


Note: the Assessment Committee will be evolving to include retention efforts being focused on by the University.  Some of the retention duties may include the following:   

  • Collaborate with the Dean of Undergraduate Studies to determine what data, directly or indirectly linked to advising, is needed to identify barriers to student success and retention
  • Collaborate with Institutional Advancement and Enrollment Services for data on specific populations of UNF students with the purpose of identifying barriers to academic success and improve retention
  • Serve as a resource for administrators and faculty in terms of using data to help increase first-to-second-year retention rate and 6-year graduation rate