Academic Program Review 

External Reviewers for Non -Accredited Programs

External reviewers are required in the case of program reviews where there is not a concurrent accreditation or re-accreditation visit. The purpose of the external review is to identify ways to produce tangible improvements in educational quality without necessarily having to spend more money. 


External Reviewer Obligations
The external reviewer must be prepared to review the self-study documents, visit UNF for at least two days, and prepare recommendations as well as suggestions in light of his/her interviews and report review. The external reviewer should be prepared to submit the final report to Academic Affairs within 10 working days of the site visit.

Academic Affairs Reimbursements
Academic Affairs will meet the cost of agreed reviewer honoraria—$1000 for a 2-day visit. In addition, Academic Affairs will reimburse documented accommodation and travel costs. Academic Affairs will also reimburse the department a maximum of $300 for food costs incurred during the visit. The food costs are not the external reviewers meal reimbursements based on Florida per diem rates.


For IRS purposes, all travel arrangements must be made by the external reviewer. 

If the provost wishes to appoint a second reviewer, in selected program review cases, appropriate arrangements will be made by Academic Affairs.

External Reviewer Selection

The department chair, in consultation with program faculty, will submit a minimum of three external reviewer nominees along with CV’s to the dean for consideration. The external reviewer credential requirements listed below will be taken into consideration during the evaluation and selection process. The dean will review the submissions and take one of the following actions: 

  • select the external reviewer from the list of potential reviewers submitted; 
  • request additional reviewers from department chair; or 
  • recommend another list of potential reviewers to the department chair. 
External Reviewer Credential Requirements

External reviewers are expected to have the following credentials:

  • highest degree(s) in relevant discipline(s); 
  • distinguished track record in related research, teaching and service; 
  • experience with program review, institutional effectiveness, assessment and/or accreditation 
  • have administrative experience; 
  • have experience at an institution with the same/similar programs as those being evaluated; 
  • be from an institution whose program the university wishes to emulate or with which the program wishes to be compared; 
  • hold the rank of Associate Professor or higher; 
  • have experience outside of Florida; and 
  • have no existing conflicts of interest (e.g. concurrent post or prospective candidacy for a post at UNF). 

Setting the On-campus 2-day Visit
Once the external reviewer is selected, the department chair will notify Shawn Brayton and send her the external reviewer CV. The department chair will contact the external reviewer to identify several 2-day options for the on campus visit. Once the potential dates have been provided by the selected reviewer, the department chair will share these dates with Shawn Brayton and the College Dean. Shawn will coordinate visit dates with the Graduate School Dean, Dean of Undergraduate Studies, and the Executive Director for Assessment. The department chair will coordinate dates with the College Dean.

External Reviewer Materials
Academic Affairs will release the self-study document and appendices to the external reviewer at least two weeks in advance of the visit. The draft itinerary will be included in the communication to the external reviewer in order to provide the reviewer with an opportunity to provide feedback and request additional meetings as deemed appropriate.