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External Reviewer Overview

External reviewers are required in the case of program reviews where there is not a concurrent accreditation or re-accreditation visit. The purpose of the external review is to identify ways to produce tangible improvements in educational quality without necessarily having to spend more money.

The department chair, in consultation with program faculty, will submit a minimum of three external reviewer nominees along with CV’s to the college dean for consideration. The external reviewer credential requirements will be taken into consideration during the evaluation and selection process. Ideally, the department chair should reach out to the potential reviewer to ascertain if he/she is willing to serve as a program reviewer before submission to the college dean.

The dean will review the submissions and take one of the following actions:

  • select the external reviewer from the list of potential reviewers submitted; 
  • request additional reviewers from the department chair; or 
  • recommend another list of potential reviewers to the department chair. 

Once the external reviewer is selected by the dean, the department chair will notify Shawn Brayton and send her the reviewer’s CV. The department chair will contact the selected external reviewer to identify several two-day options for the campus visit. The department chair will review potential dates with college participants and Shawn Brayton will review potential dates with Academic Affairs participants.