External Reviewer Checklist

 Guidelines for Administrative Support Staff

These guidelines provide directions and resources for UNF administrative support staff when preparing the necessary documents and materials during an on campus program review by an “External Reviewer” aka -- “Independent Contractor”.


Here are the steps involved to help you complete the process.


1. Services Agreement

2. Independent Contractor Checklist Form 

3. iContracts

4. Approval of Services Agreement

5. Travel Arrangements

6. Department Reimbursement

 1.  Preparing Service Agreement

 Prior to External Reviewer’s visit, you’ll need the following information.

  • External Reviewer’s full name and email address
  • Dates of the on campus visit (minimum 2 day visit)
  • Compensation amount is $1000 honorarium (unless Academic Affairs approves a different amount)
  • Travel Arrangements
    •  (NOTE: All travel arrangement must be made by External Reviewer)

Prepare a Services Agreement by following the steps below.

1. Download Services Agreement

NOTE: You will have to print out the Services Agreement and cross out paragraph # 11- INSURANCE. Write in “Intentionally omitted” and have the reviewer initial it and return once the Services Agreement is read and signed by the reviewer.


Under Description of Services (number 1), be sure to include the following.

 “Conduct an external review of the _______________ program which includes a site visit and the submittal of an External Reviewer Report. Payment is made upon receipt of External Reviewer Report.”

2. Send an email to the External Reviewer and provide the items listed below. (NOTE: Items i and ii must be sent together.)

i.  Services Agreement (requires External Reviewer's signature)

ii.  Travel Planning Guidelines

iii. Link for W-9 and Vendor Registration/Application Form (this link takes the user to the Procurement Services webpage where the External Reviewer can download and access the forms)


NOTE: The External Reviewer may fax or email copies of the signed Services Agreement and completed Vendor Application and W-9 forms; however, all originals must be mailed back to the department.

2.  Independent Contractor Checklist Form

Complete Independent Contractor Checklist Form. Upload to the iContracts container as an attachment. Miguel Gabertan will review the Checklist Form once notified by Procurement Services.

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3.  iContracts

Upload Services Agreement to iContracts.

  •  For instructions (including log in details), download the iContract manual. This is a PDF document and a good resource to have handy.
    •  Use one the following two options to access iContracts  

Users are set up by the system administrator with the following parameters:

Company Name: University of North Florida

Username:           N#

Password:            myWings password

Email iContract ID number to Catherine Trask in Academic Affairs.

4. Approval of Services Agreement

The Director of Procurement reviews the Service Agreement. Once approved, it is signed, dated, and a purchase order is issued to encumber funds. The executed agreement and Purchase Order are uploaded to iContracts. An emailed copy of the purchase order is also emailed to you from banner-purchase@unf.edu which can be considered notification that the agreement has been executed. 

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5. Travel Arrangements

(NOTE: All travel arrangements must be made by the External Reviewer.)

The Travel Planning Guidelines includes a listing of preferred hotels approved for UNF.


Complete a System Bypass Travel Authorization (TA) for Non-Employees (this should be signed by the External Reviewer during the site visit.)


Academic Affairs will pay an honorarium of $1000.00 for a minimum 2-day visit.

  •  Generate a travel reimbursement expense report.
  •  Keep copies of all receipts. (You will need to forward them to Academic Affairs/Catherine Trask for reimbursement of expenses.)

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6. Department Reimbursement

Submit the following to Catherine Trask in Academic Affairs for reimbursement of all incurred expenses.

 1. Expense Summary (download template).

  • Note: (Index and Account will reflect where expenses have been posted so charges can be reimbursed.)
  • Expense Summary Sample

2. Copies of Travel Authorization (TA) and Travel Reimbursement (TR) + travel related receipts.


3. Receipts for meals paid by UNF employees (e.g.–dinner with faculty, lunch with students) for a maximum of $300.00.

  • Meals will be reimbursed out of the AA Foundation account and require the following information.
    • The person being reimbursed must provide their N number and home address.
    •  If there’s a meal with other people (e.g. – dinner), the names of those individuals are required.

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Task at Hand

Contact Name/ Department

Contact /Email/ Phone Number

Uploading iContracts

Maggie Anderson

Procurement Services 


Gaea Holt

Procurement Services 


ext. 2734




ext. 2732 

Completing Service Agreement

Tamatha Thomas

Procurement Services


ext. 2272

Independent Contract Checklist Form and Procedures

Miguel Gabertan




ext. 2715

Travel/Reimbursements and General Questions

Catherine Trask

Academic Affairs


ext. 5728