Convocation Fall 2012

Lazzara Performance Hall
Friday, September 28, 2012

10:00 am 


The University of North Florida's 41st  Annual Fall Convocation is a celebration of the accomplishments of many of our colleagues and friends. It is an opportunity to hear President Delaney's State of the University address, as well as the Provost's remarks on the efforts we will make this coming year to strengthen and refine our mission and values.  Convocation has traditionally also been a time to recognize the achievements of our faculty in the areas of International Service, International Leadership, Teaching, Scholarship, Service, and Advising. Another highlight of this program is the honoring of UNF 's 35th Distinguished Professor, Mina Baliamoune, Department of Economics and Geography, Coggin College of Business. 


Convocation Program  



Nick Curry and Simon Shiao

Student String Quartet


State of the University Address:

John A. Delaney, President


Provost Remarks:

Mark E. Workman, Provost 


Presentation of Awards:  

Mauricio Gonzalez, Vice President, Student and International Affairs

 Gordon F.  Rakita, Faculty Association President  


Presentation of Distinguished Professor Award: 

Thomas Pekarek, Distinguished Professor, 2011  


Distinguished Professor Address:

 Mina Baliamoune, Department of Economics and Geography


2012 Awardees





2012 Distinguished Professor Award  


Mina Baliamoune (Economics and Geography)


2012 Distinguished Professor Runner-up Award 


Chip Klostermeyer (Computing)


2012 Outstanding Undergraduate Teaching Awards 


Judith D. Ochrietor (Biology)


Alison J. Bruey (History)


Erin K. Bennett (Music)

Sharon C. Cobb (Economics and Geography)

Christopher K. Johnson (Economics and Georgraphy)

B. Jay Coleman (Management)

Christopher J. Brown (Civil Engineering)

Otilia Salmon (Foundations and Secondary Education)


John W. White (Foundations and Secondary Education)


Michelle C. Boling (Clinical and Applied Movement Sciences)


2012 Outstanding Graduate Teaching Award 


Jennifer K. Wesely (Criminology and Criminal Justice)

Christopher A. Janson (Leadership, School Counseling and Sport Management)


2012 Outstanding Scholarship Awards 


David T. Courtwright (History)

Paul A. Fadil (Management)

Ma. Teresa G. Tuason (Public Health)


2012 Outstanding Service Awards 


Gordon F. Rakita (Sociology and Anthropology)

Barbara J. Olinzock (Nursing)

      2012 Outstanding International Leadership Award   

Leslie Kaplan (Honors Program)

Paul A. Fadil (Management)


2012 Outstanding International Service Award 


Robert Boyle (University Housing)


2012 Outstanding Undergraduate Advising Award 


Terry DeRubeis (Coggin College of Business)


2012 Presidential Diversity and Inclusion Award  





              Individual Winner  

Melissa Hirschman (Psychology) 

              Organizational Winner      

Disability Resource Center 



2012 Presidential Diversity and Inclusion Research Award 



JeffriAnne Wilder (Sociology)

Richmond Wynn (Clinical Mental Health Counseling) & Sharon Tamargo Wilburn (Public Health)  (joint award)