Faculty Development Summer Grant Awards - 2010 

Proposal Development Grants (AA funding)

Name Department Title
Lev Gasparov Physics Development of the proposal to establish infrastructure to support introductory optics teaching laboratory
Michael Lentz Biology Virus-host Interactions in Freshwater Cyanophages
Judith Ochrietor Biology Development of a R15 AREA grant for the National Eye Institute
Cliff Ross Biology Transmission and Infection Dynamics of the Seagrass Wasting Disease Pathogen Labyrinthula
Alexandra Schonning Engineering Cyclic Testing of Bone Cement



Proposal Development Grants (ORSP funding)


Name Department  Title 
JeffriAnne Wilder Sociology and Anthropology The Color Initiative: A Proposal for the National Science Foundation Faculty Early Career Development (CAREER) Program
Brian Fisak Psychology The Early Prevention of Child Anxiety Disorders: The Implementation and Evaluation of a Community -Based Program


Scholarship Grants 


Name Department Title
Laura Ammon Philosophy and Religious Studies The Heart of the Matter: Blood and Sacrifice in the History of Comparative Religion
Beyza Caliskan Aslan Math and Stats Computation of Electric Potential outside the Lightning Channel
Mina Baliamoune-Lutz Econ and Geography Role of Gender Equality in Intra-State Conflict and Post-Conflict Reconstruction
Alison Bruey History Popular Protest and the Politics of Change in the Pinochet Era, 1983-2002
Elena Buzaianu Math and Stats Estimation Following Selection for Bernoulli Populations in Multistage Clinical Trials
Hong Chen Physics Investigation of Organic Semiconductor Nanodevices
Chris Gabbard English Idiocy and Wit: Mental Dis/Ability in Representation
James Gelsleichter Biology Reproductive Biology of the Blacknose Shark, Carchsrhinus Acronotus
Daniela Genova Math and Stats Characterizing DNA Codes Using Forbidding-Enforcing Systems
Mitchell Haney Philosophy and Religious Studies An Ethical Analysis of the Slow Movement
Julie Ingersoll Philosophy and Religious Studies Building God's Kingdom
Aiyin Jiang Construction Management Life Cycle Analysis of Solar Photovoltaic for Northeast Florida Residential Homes
Michael Lentz Biology DNA Sequence Analysis of Aquatic Viruses from Northeast Florida
Christopher Leone Psychology  Why is Child Abuse Underreported in Communities? The Role of Stereotyping, Neurobiological Resources & Personality differences in Perceptions of a Child 
Judith Ochrietor Biology Investigation of the Molecular Interactions between Basigin Gene products
Gordon Rakita Sociology and Anthropology Archaeological Excavation at the 76 Draw Site
Suzanne Simon Sociology and Anthropology Transparency Claims and Opaque Experiences: An Ethnographic Exploration of Community Based Resistance to Wind Park Construction in Oaxaca, Mexico
Madalina Tanase Foundations and Secondary Education Developing Preservice Teachers' Awareness about the Relationship between Mathematics and social Justice Issues
Dongyuan (Debbie) Wang Psychology Can Attention Processes be Improved with Training? A study to Assess Video-Game Playing on Driving Performance for Older Road Users
Julia Watkins Nutrition and Dietetics Measurement of a Proxy Indication for Metabolic Syndrome in College Students



Teaching Grants


Name Department  Title 
Chris Baynard Econ and Geography Alternative Energy and Sustainability: the Case of the Netherlands (and Florida)
Chris Brown Engineering Development of a Hybrid Learning Graduate Course and Fieldtrip Podcasts in Groundwater Hydrology
Keith Cartwright English Reading Jax
Charles Closmann History Voices from the Stream: An Environmental History of the St. Johns River
Adel Elsafty  Engineering How Does Teaching Structural Failures & Repair Enhance Student's Authentic Learning Experience
Michael Lentz Biology A "State-of- the- Art" Molecular Cell Biology Lab
Judith Ochrietor Biology  Preparation of the Molecular Techniques course to be offered in the Department of Biology
Cliff Ross Biology Implementation of a Marine Botany Laboratory Course
Alexandra Schonning Engineering Development of a Workbook on the Finite Element Method Using I-DEAS NX
Diane Tanner Accounting and Finance Retention of Students in Financial Accounting