Faculty Development Summer Grant Awards - 2005

Proposal Development Grants


Name Department Title
John Hatle Biology Roles of Blood Sugar and Insulin in Aging: Developing a Grasshopper Model System
Arturo Sanchez & Lisa Jamba Computer & Information Sciences Building End-User, Open Source Development Systems for Assessment Management
Julia Watkins Public Health Development of an Online Intervention to Reduce Binge Eating in Overweight Females Seeking Weight Control Treatment


Scholarship Grants


Name Department Title
Christopher Johnson Economics & Geography American Indian Poverty and Inequality: Regional Comparisons of Gaming and Non-Gaming States
Dale Casamatta Biology An Investigation into the Systematics of the Form-Genus Leptolyngbya
Matthew Gilg Biology Analysis of Genetic Variation Among Midge Populations: A Test of Sympatric Speciation Models
Harriet Stranahan Economics & Geography Brokerage Account Profitability with Implication for Social Security Privatization
Jane MacGibbon Chemistry & Physics Delta Electron Database for the Calculation of Astronaut Dose Rate and Cell Damage from Space Radiation
Kerry Clark Public Health Investigation of Mosquitoes as Vectors of the Agents of Human Babesiosis and Borreliosis in Florida
Alexandra Schonning Mechanical Engineering Material Testing of Bone Cement
William Klostermeyer Computer & Information Sciences Perfect Codes in Networks
Simon Shiao Music Performing and Creating
Joseph Butler Biology Raccoon Removal as a Management Tool for Diamondback Terrapin Nesting and Hatching Success
Aaron Sheehan-Dean History The Family War: Motivation and Commitment in the American Civil War
Jennifer Fisher Philosophy The Philosophy of Logic
James Garner Public Health Theory of Electronic Specific Heat of III-VI DMS
Patricia Geesey World Languages Translation of Mouloud Feraoun's Novel La Terre et le Sang
Daniel Callcut Philosophy Williams Anthology


Teaching Grants


Name Department Title
Daniel Moon Biology Advanced Ecological Methods
Lori Lange Psychology An Innovative Approach Using Course Web-Enhancement to Facilitate Active Learning, Course Relevance, and Community Outreach
Russell A. Smith Athletic Training & Physical Therapy Development of Interdisciplinary Education Between Three Programs within the College of Health: Nutrition, Physical Therapy, and Nurse Practitioner
Edward Krisner Mathematics Introduction to Mathematical Biology
Diane Tanner Accounting & Finance New Course Development - Financial Literacy
Susan Syverud Special Education On-Line Research-Based Reading Instruction
Louann Hawkins Honors Psychology of Prejudice: It's Not Just Black and White
Daniel Schafer History Publishing a Civil War Book with Students
Behrooz Seyed-Abbassi Computer & Information Sciences XML Teaching Tool for the Data Modeling Course