Faculty Development Summer Grants - 2004

Scholarship Grants


Name Department Title
Ronald Adams MML Nike vs. Kasky: Sweatshops, Commercial Speech and Corporate First Amendment Rights
Mina Baliamoune Economics & Geography Analyzing the linkages between Social Capital, Institutions and Economic Development in Africa
Denis Bell Math & Stats A Probalistic Proof of the Gauss-Bonnet-Chern Theorem with Boundary
Joe Butler Biology The Effectiveness of Intruder Devices on Crab Pots at Reducing Capture and Mortality of Diamondback Terrapins in the Florida Panhandle
David Courtwright History America's Culture War
Michelle DeDeo Math & Stats Symplectic Maps and Generalizations of the Toda Lattice
Elizabeth Furdell History Diabetic Life in Tudor-Stuart England
Chris Gabbard English The Corporeal Imagination: Beauty, Defect, Deformity, and Disfigurement from Shakespeare to Dickens
Nick Hudyma CCEC Controlling Expansive Soils Using Soil Mixed with Sand
Philip Kaplan History Masks of Odysseus: Identity and Survival in Early Greece
Zornitza Prodanoff      CIS Queuing System Analysis of Hashing Used for Building Web Routing Tables
Alexandra Schonning Mechanical Engineering Development of a Simulation Model of the Lower Limb
Julia Watkins Public Health Self-efficacy and Spirituality in College Students with Binge Eating Disorder (BED) and without BED: A Pilot Study

Teaching Grants


Name Department Title
Sherif Elfayoumy CIS Using SAS Enterprise Miner™ to Teach Data Mining
Samuel Kimball English Literature and the Empirical Sciences
Hans-Herbert Koegler Philosophy Pro Seminar I: Practical Philosophy in Culture and Society
Faris Malhas Engineering Structural Engineering Web-Based Tutor: A Curriculum of Real & Virtual Experiments
Russell Mays Counseling & Ed. Leadership New Course Development: Planning, Construction, Renovation and Management of School Facilities
Robert Roggio CIS Object-Oriented COBOL with Web Programming
Sally Weerts Public Health Teaching the Scientific Method through Nutrition

Proposal Development Grants


Name Department Title
Kerry Clark Public Health Untitled
Matthew Gilg Biology Pre- and Post-Zygotic Reproductive Barriers in the Mytilus Edulis Species Complex