Faculty Development Summer Grant Awards - 2003

Scholarship Grants 


Name Department Title
Joe Butler Biology The Effectiveness of Excluder Devices on Crab Pots reducing Capture & Mortality of Diamondback Terrapins in Tampa Bay
Michael Lentz Biology Induced E1 Protein expression from a Recombinant Cell Line
James Garner Chem/Physics Theory of the Magnetic properties of InMnS: a new Magnet
Lev Gasparov Chem/Physics Optical Studies of charge ordering in Magnetite and NbSe2
Harriet Stanahan Economics Explaining Variation in Standard test scores & school grades: A Hierarchical model analysis
Ronald Kephart Eng/For Lang Language Change on Carriacou
Michael Wiley Eng/For Lang Romantic Diaspora
Daniel J. Cox Engineering Enhanced Development of pool-playing robot
John Woolschlager Engineering Drinking water pipe reactivity with Chlorine disinfectants
Richard Patterson Math/Stats Two & Four-dimentional matrix characterization of the Gibbs Phenomenon
Josh Samli MML Eliminating the Key Barriers to Global Sourcing
Dennis Gay Physics Development of a Particle-tracking detector for research in nuclear astrophysics
Kerry Clark Public Health Emerging Infectious Disease Threats: Pathogenic Rickettsia in the Southeastern USA
Michelle Moore Public Health Feasibility & Efficacy of an Internet-Based Binge Drinking Intervention for College Students
Rosa De Jorio SACJ Remembering or Forgetting Colonialism? The struggle over colonial monuments in Mali
Krista Paulsen SACJ The Practice of Tradition

Teaching Grants


Name Department Title
Candice Carter C&I Expansion of Social Studies Courses
David Courtwright History Air, Space, and the American Century
Daniel J. Cox CID Modules for Project-centered Education in Mechanical Engineering
Michelle DeDe-
Math/Stats Computational Mathematics
Scott Farber Honors Experimental learning abroad: Japan as Text and Context
Iver H. Iverson Psychology Develop Human Performance & Learning Courses
Christopher Joyce AT/PT Integrating the new athletic training education model into the Athletic Training Education program Curriculum
A. Russell Smith Phy. Therapy Development of Interactive CD to teach Psychomotor skills
Diane Tanner Accounting Financial Accounting Learning Objects
Peter Wludyka Math & Stats Statistics and Public Policy
Mei-Qin Zhan Math & Stats Using MathCad & Web in Teaching undergraduate course