Faculty Development Summer Grant Awards - 2002


Proposal Development Grants


Name Department Title
Doria Bowers Biology Arbovirus Biology in the Mosquito Host
Lev Gasparov Chem/Physics Unknown
Carolyn Williams Counselor Ed Teaching American History Grant
Ajayi Adewale Engineering Internet-Based Remote Control of Mechanical Devices
Dan Cox Engineering Unknown



Scholarship Grants  


Name Department Title
Joseph Butler Biology Assessing Diamondback Terrapin Populations in three Northeastern Florida counties
Carole DeMort Biology The Ecology of Juvenile fish on Mantanas Inlet
Michael Lentz Biology Recombinant Virus for DNA Replication Studies
Anthony Rossi Biology Development of an experimental garden to assess the effects of abiotic factors on the growth & morphology of the hooded pitch plant, Sarracenia minor.
Kelly Smith Biology Use of inter tidal oyster reefs by fishes in northeast Florida effects of reef complexity on juvenile fish abundance
Lev Gasparov Chem/Physics Optical studies of magnetite (Fe3O4)
Thomas Pekarek Chem/Physics Characterization of a New Class of Magnetic Semiconductors
Jyotsna Pradhan Chem/Physics NMR Studies of fluorinated molecules
Sherif Elfayoumy CIS Using Dynamic Agent Architectures to Improve the Performance of Parallel Applications
William Klostermeyer CIS Graphing Coloning
Lynne Carroll Counselor Ed Family Counseling w/ Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, and Trans gendered Persons
Melinda Kane Counselor Ed Picking a Target for Success: An Empirical Comparison of Legislative & Judicial Attempts by the Lesbian & Gay movement to Change Public Policy
A. Samuel Kimball Eng/For Lang Obedience, Authority, & Human Subjectivity: A Reexamination of Milgram's Shock Experiments
Betsy Niesn Eng/For.Lang Reading Chicana & Chicano Children's Literature
Shira Schwam-Baird Eng/For.Lang Edition & Translation of 15th Cent. Romance Epic, Valentin et Orson
Elizabeth Furdell History Willis & Sydenham on Diabetes
Denis Bell Math/Stats The Dirichlet Problem for Quasi-Linear Operators
Peter Braza Math/Stats Predator-Prey Systems
Michelle DeDeo Math/Stats Radon Transforms over the Integers modulo n
Richard Patterson Math/Stats Multidimensional matrix characterization of mutually dominant double sequences
Rama Rao Math/Stats Generic Matrices w/ Specific Eigen Properties
Ping Sa Math/Stats General linear regression model for Inverse Gaussian distribution
Jingcheng Tong Math/Stats Pythagorean Theorem & Impossible Construction
Mei-Qin Zhan Math/Stats Generic Properties of solution set of Phase-lock equation
Cory Fine MML The Prospect of a Union Project Labor Agreement in a Right-to-Work Environment - All sides considered
Cheryl Van Deusen MML Country, Age, & Gender Differences in Business Goals 
Julie Ingersoll Philosophy Heritage or Racism: Conflict over the Confederate Flag
Kerry Clark Public Health Human Ehrlichiosis Exposure Risk in North Florida


Teaching Grants


Name Department Title
Diane Tanner Accounting ACG 2021 Principles of Financial Accounting
Cathy Cavanaugh C&I Educational Technology Systems
Robert Roggio CIS Unknown
Daniel Dreibelbis Math/Stats Exploration in Math on Bb
Russel Smith PT CD for PHT 53178