Quality Enhancement Plan (QEP) Implementation

Center for Community-Based Learning (CCBL)

An essential organizational and administrative component of UNF's Community-Based Transformational Learning (CBTL) program is the creation of the Center for Community-Based Learning.  The Center will serve as the central administrative unit responsible for developing and supporting institution-wide commitment to community-based learning and engagement.  The University hired Mark C. Falbo, Ph.D. in January 2009 as the Center's first director and as director of the QEP.  


For additional information about the Center and its activities can be found on the CCBL Website


QEP Management Team

The QEP Management Team will provide leadership in the implementation with UNF's Community-Based Transformation Learning (CBTL) program, including but not limited to the design and implementation of the assessment plan as well as the development of common standards and instruments.  The composition of this team includes:

  • Assistant Vice President for Student Affairs
  • Dean for Undergraduate Studies
  • Director for Academic Programs and Accreditation Liaison
  • Director of the Center for Community-Based Learning
  • Director of the Office of Faculty Enhancement;
  • Director for the School of Nursing; and
  • Executive Director of Assessment.