Fifth-Year Report Overview 

As a result of a U.S. Department of Education (DOE) requirement, the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools Commission on Colleges has instituted a Fifth-Year Interim Report process.  The report is comprised of the following five sections:


Section I        Signatures Attesting to Integrity 

Requests that the president and accreditation liaison attest to the accuracy of institutional assessment and documentation supporting that assessment.


Section II       Institutional Summary 

Contains summary data about level of offerings, governance control, history and characteristics, list of degrees, off-site locations, distance and correspondence education,discipline accreditation, and U.S. DOE Relationship.

Section III     Fifth-Year Compliance Certification

Addresses the following Core Requirements (CR), Comprehensive Standards (CS), and Federal Requirements (FR):

  • CR 2.8:            Number of full-time faculty
    • SACS Template  (under revision by SACS) 
  • CR 2.10:          Student Support Services
  • CS 3.2.8:         Qualified administrative and academic officers
  • CS      Institutional effectiveness: educational programs
  • CS 3.4.3:         Admission policies
  • CS 3.4.11:       Qualified academic program coordinators
  • CS 3.11.3:       Physical facilities
  • CS 3.13.1        Policy compliance
  • FR 4.1:            Student achievement
  • FR 4.2:            Program curriculum
  • FR 4.3:            Publication of policies
  • FR 4.4:            Program length
  • FR 4.5:            Student Complaints
  • FR 4.6:            Recruitment materials
  • FR 4.7:            Title IV program responsibilities
    CS 3.10.2:       Financial aid audits  
  • FR 4.8:            Distance and correspondence education
  • FR 4.9:            Definition of credit hours

Templates (e.g., 2.8, 3.2.8) have been designed in response to requests from off-site reviewers to facilitate the review process.  We are not required to use the format of these templates.  It is permissable to create our own templates with information we believe will support our determination of compliance.  It is expected that a complete narrative in support of compliance be provided and that the templates will be used as supporting evidence.


Evaluators: Committee to Review Fifth-Year Interim Reports composed of experienced committee members who conduct the review similar to that of the evaluation fo the Compliance Certification at the time of reaffirmation.  Each of four committees reviews approximately 10 institutions.  Each of the committees has five members: Coordinator, IE evaluator, student services evaluator, and two academic program evaluators.  Two finance reviewers also participate in the review.


Options of the Evaluators: (1) No referral or (2) referral to a Compliance and Reports (C & R) Committee


Options of the C & R following referral at the designated meeting: (1) no additional report requested, (2) request a monitoring report which starts the two-year limited monitoring period, or (3) recommend placing the institution on a sanction, with a monitoring report, and with or without a visit to campus.


Section IV     Fifth-Year Follow-Up

Not applicable to UNF because 2009 reaffirmation was recommendation free.


Section V       Quality Enhancement Plan Impact Report 


The QEP Impact Report includes the QEP Executive Summary as submitted to the Commission following its recent reaffirmation and a report addressing the following elements:

  • succinct list of the initial goals and intended outcomes of the QEP;
  • discussion of changes made to the QEP and the reasons from making those changes;
  • description of the QEP’s impact on student learning and/or the environment supporting student learning, as appropriate to the design of the QEP (to include the achievement of identified goals and outcomes, and any unanticipated outcomes of the QEP); and
  • reflection on what the institution has learned as a result of the QEP experience.


Evaluators: Committee to Review Fifth-Year Interim Reports (see composition under Section III above)


Options of the Evaluators:  









  1. Accept with Comment. The institution has adequately documented the implementation of its Plan regardless of changes needed throughout its delivery, summarized the level of success in achieving the desired impact on student learning and/or the environment supporting student learning, and reflected upon the implementation of the QEP as a learning experience for the institutions. No additional report is required.
  2. Refer to C & R for review. The institution did not adequately document the implementation of its Plan, summarize the level of success in achieving the desired impact on student learning and/or the environment supporting student learning, and/or reflect upon the implementation of the QEP as a learning experience for the institution. The institution is requested to provide an additional report in 12 months that documents progress in implementing its QEP. The Report is forwarded to C & R for action; actions may include no additional monitoring, additional monitoring, or imposition of a sanction.