Online ISQ Results in FAIR 

Accessing Individual Course ISQs (and DL ISQs) Via FAIR 

  • Log on to myWings
  • In the HOME tab, go to Quick Links and click on the FAIR link
  • After entering the FAIR system, in the FAIR Active Directory Login box, you will select either Log-in Type: Faculty Member or Administrative Faculty/Administrative Staff button
  • On the menu bar, click on the 6th option: FARM (Reports)
  • On the secondary menu bar, click on the 4th option: Miscellaneous Reports
  • Below the blue bar “Select Report Type” option, click on the hyperlink: Instructional Satisfaction Questionnaire
  • This will open a separate window: INSTRUCTIONAL SATISFACTION QUESTIONNAIRE. Maximize that window for better viewing
  • There are two Reporting Levels: Summary and Detailed – All Items
  • Detailed – All Items –Report of individual course sections by faculty member.

***Faculty will be interested in this level to access their course results. Chairs/Deans will use this level to view the individual faculty results for each Department with the ability to print off all departmental faculty in one print job. 

Accessing the Report (Faculty)

  • Select Term = current term (should be the default setting)
  • College & Department – The College and Department will default to your own.
  • Course Level – select ALL if you are interested in accessing all of your ISQ results, regardless of whether the section is undergraduate or graduate.
  • Click Submit
  • Print off results (you may need to adjust your page setup to landscape orientation in order to get a report to fit on one page)
  • To access your distance learning course results, change the setting on Report Option from ISQs to DL ISQs.  

Public ISQs

  • Interactive access to public ISQ data by College, Department, Course, Instructor, and other selection criteria using the web-based Instructional Satisfaction Questionnaire query form.
  • Campus Summary Reports (below)



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