Frequently Asked Questions on Online ISQ Evaluations

  • Which courses are evaluated?
    All courses every term excluding those identified as exempt by the Collective Bargaining Agreement: Independent Studies (DIS), practica, internships.
  • How do I access my online ISQ results?
    Faculty can access the ISQ results through the FAIR system. Directions for accessing results can be found here.
  • How will I get my written student comments in addition to the tabulated results?
    With the transition to online evaluations, student written comments are also captured and included in the ISQ FAIR results along with the tabulated results.
  • Who can see my ISQ results?
    As in past years, department chairs/directors will have access to the FAIR ISQ results.  In addition, students are able to access results by faculty name of the 8 state-mandated "core" questions (S01-S08) through the Course Schedule public view.
  • Will my ISQ results be archived permanently so that I do not have to print them out every semester?
    Yes, the FAIR system within myWings serves as both a reporting tool and an archive for ISQ results.
  • Can students access the online ISQ tool before or after the posted evaluation period?
    No, students are only able to access the evaluation tool during the specified evaluation period.  Per the Collective Bargaining Agreement, course evaluations should not be adminstered during finals week and should only be available during a limited timeframe.
  • Will I be able to monitor my responses?
    Yes, the faculty of record for each course will revieve a link which will allow them to log into the Blackboard portal and view the number of repsonse.  Faculty will NOT be able to identify the status of any students or whether they completed the evaluation.
  • What should I tell my students about the online evaluation system?
    The most important way to ensure a good response rate and receive thoughtful feedback is to communicate the importance of course evaluations.  Faculty can stress the various ways of accessing the evaluations: Blackboard, email, line, and mobile device).  Encouraging your students to complete evaluations and the reason why is very important.
  • What will the online system do to remind students to complete evaluations?


    Students will see a pop-up reminder in directly from the student tab in myWings.  Students will also see a pop-up reminder, similar to the password expiration pop-up in myWings, when they log in during the evaluation period.



    Student will receive automated emails from the system notifying them of the availability of course evaluations on Days 1 and 8 of the evaluation period, and on each of the last 7 days if there are outstanding evaluations.  



    Students will see a reminder channel of available evaluations in BB below the course listing.  


    See Student Online Information link: 

  • What if I am team-teaching a course?
    All instructors formally associated with a course (with >0% responsibility) will be individually evaluated by the students enrolled in the course.
  • I teach a lecture and a lab. Will I be evaluated for both sessions?
    That depends on how your course is scheduled.  If your lecture is assigned a different CRN from the lab, then students will evaluate both.  If your lecture and lab share the same CRN, then you will be evaluated on both in the same ISQ result.
  • What is I teach a lecture and another instructor teaches the lab? Will our evaluations be separate?
    If you teach a lecture and someone else teaches the lab, you will both be evaluated separately.  Student evaluations are generated by CRN and by INSTRUCTOR.
  • If I teach a lecture and 4 instructors teach the associated lab and I teach the fifth lab, will I be evaluated on that lab?
    Because ISQs are generated by CRN and by INSTRUCTOR, your students will evaluate you only once (for both lab and lecture) and the different lab instructors will be evaluated independently.