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Each year we publish an updated set of facts and figures on the University of North Florida, offering readers a snapshot of our campus community. While, of necessity, this publication can only tell a small part of the UNF story, I am hopeful that it will engender an appreciation for the educational opportunities we provide UNF students as well as our commitment to serve the Northeast Florida community and beyond.

Within these pages, you will find evidence that UNF is attracting a student body with an increasingly stronger academic profile and, at the same time, meeting the demands for greater access to higher education through measured growth. Over the past year, UNF’s fall enrollment went from 16,084 to 16,561 students, and the average SAT score for entering freshmen climbed from a respectable 1166 to 1177.

The growth in our student body is being matched by an increase in the number of UNF faculty. In fall 2007, we added 33 new faculty positions, enabling us to stay true to our commitment to offer a quality education in an environment that allows students to work directly with faculty-mentors.

Responding to regional and national trends, UNF opened five additional graduate programs, including two new doctoral degrees in health care: doctor of nursing practice and doctor of physical therapy. We also began offering coursework in three master’s degree tracks in engineering.

To keep up with our growth, we began construction on a new College of Education and Human Services Building and an expansion to the Brooks College of Health. At the same time, we broke ground on a new Student Union and a new student residence hall. We also entered into contracts for the purchase of two existing buildings that will frame UNF’s future Kernan Boulevard entrance: Alumni Hall, formerly the Auchter Building, and UNF Hall, formerly the AOL Building.

In addition to information about our growth, within these pages you will find a number of markers that attest to our emerging state and national reputations. For example, the Coggin College of Business was ranked among the best business schools in the United States, UNF nursing students won the top prize at their national convention and four of Florida’s five best school counseling programs are headed by UNF alumni. The University also has been credited for the study-abroad experiences we offer UNF students.

In achieving these and UNF’s many other accomplishments, we rely on the efforts of a number of different members of our community including a dedicated faculty of teacher-scholars and a staff that provides among the best in student-support services. We are also indebted to our Board of Trustees, 13 men and women who keep us focused on our mission and on our commitments, and to our Foundation Board, another body of community leaders who have helped us secure much-appreciated support from civic-minded donors. We also are thankful for our more than 50,000 alumni who serve as daily reminders of UNF’s educational excellence. But none of these groups is more important to us than UNF’s students. These women and men bring vitality to our campus as well as a promise of an even better future to the communities in which they will live.

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John A. Delaney