Keynote Session: Teri Yanovitch, “Your Role in Transforming Culture”

TeriThis program defines the elements of a culture and emphasizes the importance of a culture of service excellence in an educational institution. The delivery of excellent service should be viewed as a way of life within the university campus. It must be engrained into the fabric of the organization so that it becomes known that service excellence is “how we do things”. The four critical factors that affect the service experience are explained and the language of service excellence is shared. The impact of the physical environment, how to create WOW moments, what makes service heroes, and looking through the lens of the student/constituent are all covered. The session summarizes with defining the role of each and every UNF employee in transforming the culture.

Teri Yanovitch has been on the frontline of the customer experience for more than three decades. Author of the acclaimed "Unleashing Excellence - The Complete Guide to Ultimate Customer Service", she is a former executive with the noted guru of quality management, Philip Crosby and taught for many years at The Quality College in Winter Park. She is also a former regional trainer of the southeast U.S. for the Hertz corporation, seminar leader and keynote speaker at the Disney Institute and for the past seven years an adjunct at Cornell University where she teaches “Creating a Culture of Service Excellence”. For the past several years, she has been working with educational institutions to engrain service excellence into the fabric of the organization so that every employee wants to deliver an exceptional experience and that it comes from the heart, not just a mandate from management.