Student Stories

Tyeeta Grandison and DeShawn Kirkland are strangers but have at least one thing in common. Both are among the first recipients of Jacksonville Commitment scholarships and are blazing a trail for hundreds of students to follow in the coming years. Grandison and Kirkland don’t think of themselves as trailblazers but admit they are proud to be among the first to benefit from the community initiative. 
Tyeeta Grandison


Grandison, a graduate of Mandarin High School, is enjoying classes at UNF and considering a career in advertising and public relations. Those dreams would have been placed on hold, she said, had not The Jacksonville Commitment provided her the resources to attend college. She became aware of The Jacksonville Commitment through a school advisor and is spreading the word about the program to friends. “I’m ecstatic about the opportunity to attend UNF.”


Deshawn Kirkland

Kirkland, a graduate of Baldwin High School, completed a degree in music and reiterated those comments. Kirkland plays the piano in church and has hopes of one day owning a local jazz club. One of his favorite courses dealt with the evolution of jazz. “It’s been a wonderful experience. I hope to serve as a role model for those who follow in my steps.”