Glen Duggins Pic
Rita and Glenn Duggins
UNF Degree: Rita: BSN - '89; Glenn: BSN -'94
Employment: Rita: Nurse Practitioner; Glenn: Transplant Team, Mayo Clinic

Nursing program is stepping stone for Duggins family

 Glenn and Rita Duggins have many things in common. They are both in the nursing profession. They love their jobs. They thank UNF for making their careers possible.


Rita received her UNF degree in nursing first, graduating in 1989. She went on to become a nurse practitioner based at Shands Hospital specializing in neonatology. She provides nursery coverage at Shands as well as at Orange Park Medical Center and Memorial Hospital in Jacksonville.


She was followed by her husband Glenn who received his nursing degree in 1994. He is a nurse anesthetist on the transplant team at the Mayo Clinic. Glenn says he followed Rita at UNF because his wife had such a good experience. "It was definitely a stepping stone in both of our careers."


It's not surprising that both Glenn and Rita derive a great sense of accomplishment from their jobs.


Rita's previous experiences in intensive and cardiac care were rewarding but caring for infants she said "opened a whole new world for me." Now she trains other nurses in handling emergencies and stabilizing infants enabling them to be transported to Level III centers.

Glenn was one of the first nurse anesthetists to be placed on the Mayo Clinic's transplant team. "Being part of a team that handles the life and death challenges of transplants is the greatest reward," Glenn said.


When the two are not working they have been involved in scouting and following their daughters' soccer careers. Rita is a photographer who enjoys assembling soccer video projects for the team. Glenn recalls times he used the UNF Nature Trails for a scout scavenger hunt to test their map and compass skills.


The Duggins love to travel. They usually schedule one European trip and one cruise each year as well as traveling throughout the U.S. in their motor home.


Both acknowledge UNF faculty had a profound influence on their lives. Glenn said a music teacher at UNF turned him on to a life-long interest in classical music as well. "We pretty much had the same nursing faculty and they had a huge impact on us," Rita noted.

In an effort to give back to UNF, Glenn said he has mentored UNF nursing students to give them an opportunity to see what day-to-day advanced nursing practice is actually like.


Both Glenn and Rita are unequivocal in their assessment of UNF. "The University and the Brooks College of Health are the prime reason for our success today," he said.