Christy She Pic
Christy L. She
UNF Degree: BSEE – ’02
Employment: Analog System Intellectual Property Development; Low Power Medical Group, DSP Systems, Texas Instruments

She blazes trail in engineering


Dr. Christy She is a trailblazer in her profession and hopes other women will follow her into a career historically dominated by men.


She, who graduated with an electrical engineering degree in 2002 as Christy Rogers, is employed by Texas Instruments in Dallas. In 2007only 20 percent of U.S. engineering graduates were women. She said that percentage must improve if America's businesses are to remain competitive. Part of the problem is few girls are encouraged to pursue math- and science-oriented hobbies. Without a strong background in math and science it's difficult to get into engineering, she noted.


Women who do have strong backgrounds in math and science also have many other career options, such as medicine, where they have encountered female role models. When She decided to enter electrical engineering she had never met a female engineer.


Not only a role model at Texas Instruments, She has been at the forefront of academic achievement as well. While at UNF, she landed an internship with IBM and was the first UNF student to win a National Science Foundation Graduate Research Fellowship. She went on to earn a master's degree and a doctorate in electrical engineering at the University of Florida.


She attributes her early career success directly to "hands-on learning" at UNF. "At grad school I learned peers from larger universities often did not get this type of learning and while they were textbook smart they lacked the ability to apply their knowledge to real applications as well as I could."


The ability to participate in undergraduate research projects at UNF was also cited by She as a major factor in her career. "This early introduction to research helped spark my interest in grad school."


Finally She said the ability to work with teams at UNF was an invaluable experience. "Collaborating with other students to work on a bigger project mimics real work projects where many team members must work together to get the job done."


Specifically she praised Dr. Jerry Merckel for encouraging her to apply for an IBM internship and graduate school where she competed against students from much larger universities.


She was recognized for her achievements at UNF being named the outstanding UNF engineering student in 2002 and serving on the UNF Engineering Advisory Council from 2000 to 2002. However, one accomplishment of which she is particularly proud is applying for two patents which are currently pending.


When not working, the Jacksonville native and her husband Xiao love outdoor activities including basketball, volleyball and swimming.

Recreational activities and professional commitments will not keep She from returning to UNF where she hopes to occasionally speak to students, especially women, about the benefits of careers in engineering. "UNF provided me a better undergraduate education than I believe I would have received anywhere else."