Joe Berg Science Seminars - History

In Jacksonville


In 1960, the Joe Berg program came to Jacksonville, Florida, under the sponsorship of the Southside Kiwanis Club and the Duval County Public Schools. Here, in 1963, a parallel Humanities Seminars began, and in 1983 independent school students were invited to participate.


The Jacksonville Joe Berg Society began to be sponsored by UNF in 2000 through the College of Education & Human Services (COEHS.) Sponsorship was transferred to the College of Arts & Sciences (COAS) in 2003.  Today, the Joe Berg Society is a community partner of UNF.


Today, Joe Berg is financially supported purely by corporate and personal donations. However, the Jacksonville community truly makes Joe Berg possible- MOSH provides the facility, professionals volunteer their time, and students give their time to MOSH and their youthful energy to speakers. Joe Berg could not continue without the many rewarding relationships.


In the U.S.


The Joe Berg Science Seminars began providing enrichment to high school students in Skokie, Illinois, in 1957. It began as a challenge to encourage science and engineering students at the high school level through science projects and fair competitions in response to the launch of Sputnik by the Soviet Union.


At its height there were over 700 Joe Berg programs. A professional team traveled to cities and helped municipalities establish local programs. Our Joe Berg program is one of two affiliated programs that still remain nation-wide.