Political Science & Public Administration Faculty

Michael Binder, Assistant Professor

 Michael Binder

Phone: (904) 620-1205

E-mail: m.binder@unf.edu

Curriculum Vitae  

University of California, San Diego

Ph.D. Political Science


American Politics, State Politics, Elections, Voting Behavior, Initiatives and Referenda, MPA core faculty



Mary Borg, Professor

Mary O. Borg

Phone: (904) 620-1925

E-mail: mborg@unf.edu  

Curriculum Vitae  

University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill



Public Finance, Economic Demography, Economic Development, MPA core faculty


G. George Candler, Associate Professor and MPA Director

 Dr. G. George Candler

Phone: (904) 620-1388
E-mail: g.candler@unf.edu
Curriculum Vitae  

Indiana University

 Public Administration, Nonprofit Management, Comparative Administration and Politics, MPA core faculty


Natasha Christie, Assistant Professor 

Dr. Natasha Christie

Phone: (904) 620-3908
E-mail: n.christie@unf.edu  
Curriculum Vitae 

University of Florida
Ph. D Pol Sci and Gov
Public Policy, Research Methods, Public Administration, MPA core faculty


Matthew T. Corrigan, Professor & Chair

 Matthew T. Corrigan

Phone: (904) 620-1926
E-mail: mcorriga@unf.edu  
Curriculum Vitae 

University of Florida
Ph.D. Pol. Sci
Florida Politics, Southern Politics, American Presidency


Georgette E. Dumont, Assistant Professor  

Dr. Dumont (2)
Phone: (904) 620-5855
E-mail: g.dumont@unf.edu
Curriculum Vitae 

Northern Illinois University
Ph.D. Political Science

Public and Nonprofit Management, Accountability, and Social Media, MPA core faculty





Martin Edwards, Senior Instructor & Pre-Law Advisor

M. Edwards

Phone: (904) 620-1069
E-mail:  medwards@unf.edu

Curriculum Vitae

University of Florida



Ronald Libby, Professor 

Ronald Libby

Phone: (904) 620-1927
E-mail: rlibby@unf.edu 
Curriculum Vitae 

University of Washington
Ph.D Pol. Sci
National and International Political Economy


Sucheta Pyakuryal, Assistant Professor 


Phone: (904) 620-2978
E-mail: s.pyakuryal@unf.edu

Curriculum Vitae  

The University of Akron
Ph.D Public Administration

Comparative Public Administration, Democracy and Good Governance, Theories of Public Administration, Organization Theory, Organizational Behavior, Politics and Institutions of South Asia, International Politics, MPA core faculty


David Schwam-Baird, Associate Professor 

David M. Schwam-Baird

Phone: (904) 620-1929
E-mail: dschwam@unf.edu 
Curriculum Vitae

Tulane University
Ph.D Pol. Sci
 Civil-Military Relations; Latin American International Relations; Middle Eastern International Relations; Asymmetrical Conflict


Nicholas Seabrook, Assistant Professor 

Dr. Nicholas Seabrook

Phone: (904) 620-5856
E-mail: n.seabrook@unf.edu 
Curriculum Vitae

University at Buffalo
Ph.D Pol. Sci

Public Law; Judicial Behavior; Fair Housing Policy; Administrative Law; American

Government and Politics; Political Geography; Elections; Redistricting; Voting and

Public Opinion; State and Local Politics; Money in Politics; Spatial Statistics;

Applied Research Methods; Political Context; Direct Democracy; Political Participation



Nancy Soderberg, Ambassador & Visiting Distinguished Scholar

Ambassador Nancy SoderbergPhone: (904) 620-3926

Email: n.soderberg@unf.edu

Curriculum Vitae

Georgetown University

M.S. Foreign Service



Pamela A. Zeiser, Associate Professor

ZeiserPhone: (904) 620-1931

Email: pzeiser@unf.edu

Curriculum Vitae 

Claremont Graduate University

Ph.D. Pol. Sci




Emeritus Faculty


Anne Hopkins, Emeritus Professor

Anne H. Hopkins

E-mail: ahopkins@unf.edu  
Curriculum Vitae  
Syracuse University
Ph.D. Pol. Sci
American Politics, State Government


Patrick Plumlee, Emeritus Professor 

J. Patrick Plumlee

E-mail: pplumlee@unf.edu 
Curriculum Vitae

Rice University
Ph.D Pol. Sci
U.S. Defense Policy, Parties and Elections, Evolutionary Theory in Public Policy 


Henry Thomas, Emeritus Professor  

Henry B. ThomasE-mail: hthomas@unf.edu 
Curriculum Vitae 

University of Southern California
Ph.D Public Finance