International Studies at UNF is both an academic program and an interdisciplinary community. Together we examine the economic, environmental, cultural, political and technological forces that shape today's world.  
The program offers a Bachelor of Arts in International Studies, with six regional and thematic concentrations, as well as a minor.   



Sara Baranda

Sara Baranda presents “The No–Divorce Law and Infidelity in the Philippines” (Spring 2016 Senior Seminar Research Exhibit). 


Madison Sasnett

Madison Sasnett presents “South China Sea: International Water or Sovereign Territory?” (Fall 2016 Senior Seminar Research Exhibit).
Ismael Esa

Ismael Esa presents “The Rise of Iran in International Market After the Sanctions” (Fall 2016 Senior Seminar Research Exhibit).
Students engage with other cultures through foreign language study and academic experiences abroad
 Spain 3 
Summer 2015 program in Spain, led by Ángeles Fernández Cifuentes, associate professor of Spanish
 Kia Nord
Summer 2016 program in China led by Yongan Wu, associate professor of Chinese, and Nicholas De Villiers, associate professor of English and Film
Summer 2016 program in France, led by Shira Schwam-Baird, professor of French
 Students also can gain hands-on experience through internships with an international focus, both within the US and abroad.
Alexis Charleus
Alexis Charleus, Spring 2017 intern with Catholic Charities Refugee Resettlement Program 
Ali Alsalman 
Ali Alsalman, Summer 2017 Department of State intern with Bureau of Political-Military Affairs
Dany Manansala
Dany Manansala, Spring 2017 International Studies research intern with Dr. Josh Geller's Enviro-Rights Map project
Each semester, International Studies coordinates an interdisciplinary Lecture Series organized around a central theme. 
 Chau Kelly
Chau Johnsen Kelly, assistant professor of history, presents "Forgotten and Invisible: Poison, Medicine, and Scientific Development at Malangali, Tanzania" (1/27/17)
 Josh Gellers
osh Gellers, assistant professor of political science, presents "Climate Refugees: Uncertainty and Insecurity" (9/25/15)

Anne Pfister

Anne Pfister, assistant professor of anthropology, presents "Language, Community, and Participatory Ethnography among Deaf Youth in Mexico City" (4/1/16)      




We also organize International Mondays, a program of conversations on contemporary topics conducted in a variety of languages. 


 Frances Luna
Frances Luna, Refugee Resettlement Job Developer, Diocese of St. Augustine Refugee Settlement Program, at "Réinstallation des réfugiés aux États-Unis" (Refugee Resettlement in the United States, 10/31/16)
 Saul Grajeda
Saúl Grajeda (2016 graduate, International Studies/Spanish), a panelist at "La inmigración y la experiencia del género" (Immigration and the Experience of Gender, 2/27/17)
 Yongan Wu
Yongan Wu, associate professor of Chinese, leads the discussion "用中文讲政治笑话:有的不是真的" (Telling Political Jokes in Chinese: Some are Not Real, 3/13/13)
In addition, we coordinate workshops and information sessions related to study abroad, internships and careers


 Vivian Senior
Vivian Senior, associate director of the COAS Career Success Center, discusses career directions for International Studies students (2/17/17) 
 Graduate Students
Graduate students/recent graduate alumni John Fails (Master in Public Affairs), Stephanie Worley (Master of Arts in International Affairs) and Alissa Shaw (Global MBA) at the panel discussion "What is Graduate School Really Like" (2/24/17) 
 Amy Radetsky
Amy Radetsky, US Department of State diplomat in residence at "Internships and Career Paths with the Department of State and Foreign Service" (3/13/17) 
The students in International Studies are united by their interest in language, culture and global affairs. They are diverse, however, in their backgrounds and the academic and professional directions they follow upon completion.   
Abbie Bernet
Abbie Bernet, Education & Community Outreach officer at the World Affairs Council of Jacksonville (2016 International Studies graduate)
Jack Bisase 2
Jack Bisase, vice consul at the U.S. Embassy in the Dominican Republic (2011 International Studies graduate)
Yousra Hebeishy
Yousra Hebeishy, business analyst for Advent|SS&C 
(2015 International Studies/Political Science graduate) 
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