Creative Writing News

Spring 2012

 UNF Writer Series present Timothy O'Brien, author of The Things They Carried, April 26 from 3-4:15 in the Student Union Ballroom. 

Fiction Fix Launches its Tenth Issue!

Fiction Fix, the literary journal of the University of North Florida, has launched its 10th issue online at   


This issue is packed with stories and art that are fueled by the need to express the human condition. In "The Girl In The Yard" by Brandon Bell, a 30-year-old man whose wife is out-of-town wakes up to the predicament of a naked teenage girl lying in his yard.  "Nesting," by Lindsay Oncken, is a love story of a stalker and stalkee coping with loneliness in a big city. Marisa Roman’s "The Rapture: A BBM Conversation with God," pulled straight from Wikileaks, explains why the May 21st rapture prediction didn’t come to pass. UNF English graduate Jonas Mueller debuts his short story “Way Down in the Hole."  Art in this issue includes work by JJ Cromer.  Cromer, a librarian by trade, finds inspiration for his work from sources as wide as pop culture, politics, beekeeping, and his wife’s work as an environmental attorney. Julie Hayward’s multimedia art reveals an earthly enchantment whose organic nature suggests extension beyond the artwork’s borders.


SPITS Offers Competition and  Entertainment

Friday night, November 28th, turned out to be fantastic for those who turned out. S.P.I.T.S. (Spoken Poets Integrating Theatrical Style) hosted a poetry slam, essentially a poetry jam except S.P.I.T.S. includes prizes in their sessions. The group’s first Open Mic Slam session happened this past spring semester. The group’s leader Stephanie Brendle met me at the front door where she was making last minute preparations.

“It’s a place for young poets, artists and for all who need a place to learn and grow as individuals,” Brendle responded when asked what the group was for. “Poetry is important. Fiction tells a story, but poetry tells about a person’s heart.”


Rebecca McKinnon took first place for her poem "Three Hours Alone on Black Rock Beach"; spoken word artist Ayhnte took second place for a piece that involved the audience; Shavaughn Barnes took third place (after a fierce competition of Rock, Paper, Scissors with another contestant) for a moving poem about the perceptions of  strangers of people who are differently abled.

Bruno Schultz Gets a Second Life at UNF

"Who is Bruno Schulz?" was the question posed at UNF on Nov. 17th in front of the Thomas G. Carpenter Library. A crowd of people gathered to witness the answer as “Remembering Bruno Schulz,” an event of art, history, theatre and dance, was held by UNF English instructor Mark Ari and other UNF faculty and students.


Ari read short pieces of his work, while Charles Closmann, Associate Professor of History at UNF, provided the historical perspective for understanding Schulz. Ashton DeVito, a UNF student, performed a Butoh dance called “Father’s Last Escape” influenced by Schulz’s work. UNF graduate student Kristen Knapp exhibited a Schulz-inspired painting. But the event’s main attraction, a short play titled “Who is Bruno Schulz?” starred UNF students Robbie McChargue, Chris Williams, and Chris Valade starred in the event’s main attraction, a short play titled “Who is Bruno Schulz?,” a treatment of Schulz’s dark last days with a fusion of history and lighthearted comedy.




For more complete information on these events, please see  the Department of English newsletter: English on a Wire