The Patterson Scholarship

Applications are now closed this year for the Oscar Patterson Scholarship. The winner will soon be announced. This scholarship will provide $500 during the 2014-2015 academic year. The award will go to one undergraduate in the Department of Communication who demonstrates academic excellence as well as financial need.


To be eligible, students must:


1. declare a major in communication and be at sophomore or junior standing at the University of North Florida at the time of the application deadline,

2. reside in Florida for tuition purposes,

3. enroll full time and earn at least 12 semester hours per semester,

4. maintain a GPA of at least 3.0,

5. complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA), and

6. demonstrate financial need as defined by the University’s Office of Financial Aid.


Students awarded this scholarship must also:


1. comply with all University regulations, rules, and codes of conduct governing students on campus,

2. consent to release grades to the Division of Development and Alumni Affairs for the purpose of reporting to the donor,

3. remain in good standing as a student, and

4. file a FAFSA form with the federal government each year.


Students who wish to apply for the scholarship should submit an application packet to the Department of Communication (Building 14D, Room 2035), addressed to the attention of Dr. Parmelee. To be considered for the award, students must submit ALL of the following on or before January 24, 2014:


1. An interest letter explaining why you believe that you are a good candidate for the scholarship

2. A resume containing your current contact information, current GPA, declared major, undergraduate standing (i.e. freshman, sophomore, junior, senior), any academic awards received, and any other information that you deem pertinent

3. A current, unofficial transcript

4. At least one letter of recommendation, preferably from a communication professor and/or media professional


Anyone with questions should contact:


Dr. John Parmelee, Professor and Chair, Department of Communication, Building 14D, Room 2035; 



Outstanding Student Awards

Each spring on commencement day department facutly honor students from the past academic year for both their academic achievement and their outstanding performance in each of the major's four concentrations. Past recipients include:


Outstanding Student in Advertising:

2013 Priscilla Brooke

2012 Jessica Schwec

2011 Charles Robinson

2010 Katia Philip

2009 Eric Dennis


Outstanding Student in Electronic Media:

2013 Monica Whitsel

2012 Kayla Beckman

2011 Mike Kaye and John Weidner

2010 Kristen Pepe

2009 Kristin A. Valis


Outstanding Student in Journalism:

2013 Lindsay Montgomery

2012 Clifford Davis

2011 Laura Hare

2010 James Cannon

2009 Holli L. Welch and Joshua Salman


Outstanding Student in Public Relations:

2013 Jacquelyn Geary

2012 Whitney Croxton

2011 Aryn Mooney

2010 Jessica Railey

2009 Samuel Z. McGee

Academic Achievement recognizing the highest GPA in the major


Priscilla Brooke



Nicholas Galluch



Hilary Carter and Brittany Schnorr



Nicole Hernandez



Jaqueline Ann Card, Outstanding Academic Achievement Award in Public Relations

Christine Marie Carter, Outstanding Academic Achievement Award in Electronic Media

Madelyn Ruth Caranci, Outstanding Academic Achievement Award in Advertising

Christopher James Thurne, Outstanding Academic Achievement Award in Journalism

Annual Public Speaking Competition

Each fall and spring 28 students from SPC 2608 Fundamentals of Speech courses present either an informative or a persuasive speech to one of the six opening round audiences. Communication faculty and community members judge each round with the top speakers from each group advancing to compete the final round. Past first place award winners include:


Spring 2011    Henna Bakshi

Fall 2010         Ashley Rodgers

Spring 2010    Khiresto Salako

Fall 2009         Emily Jahnsen

Spring 2009    Lauren Taylor