Chemistry Faculty: Radha Pyati, Ph.D

Professor of Chemistry and Department Chair

Radha Pyati

Office: Science & Engineering (Building 50), Room 3632

Lab: Science & Engineering (Building 50), Room 3520

Phone: (904) 620-1918

Fax: (904) 620-2668



Bachelor of Science - Ohio State University

Ph.D. - University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill


Dr. Pyati teaches General and Environmental Chemistry

Research Interest

Dr. Pyati's research is focused on the following areas in analytical chemistry:

Imaging Flow Cytometry of Fission Yeast

Our group is studying the cell cycle of fission yeast using imaging flow cytometry (IFC). IFC incorporates the statistical strengths of flow cytometry with the imaging capabilities of traditional microscopy. Our goal is to characterize populations of various yeast mutants, and then expose them to compounds that arrest the cell cycle at different stages, yielding a statistical profile different from the undamaged populations. Our overarching aim is to study the effects of environmental toxins on the cell cycle.


Other Projects