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The Graphic Design + Digital Media program at the University of North Florida is a limited access program designed to offer the student an in depth study of the field of graphic design. Students will be exposed to unique learning opportunities and industry standard software packages that will provide them with a competitive edge when entering the workforce or further education pursuits.

Course work will focus on the students acquiring several portfolio building pieces through the development of fundamental skills and techniques and an understanding of the creative process. The work will consist of, but will not be limited to: page design, web design, posters, packaging, corporate identification systems and time-based motion graphics. The development of problem-solving skills and critical thinking will be stressed in all aspects of the program. Each course will emphasize the creative process as it relates to Graphic Design + Digital Media.

Reviews will be conducted in October (approximately week 9 of Fall term) for enroll in Spring classes, March (approximately week 9 of Spring term) for students who desire to enroll in Fall classes.


To be accepted into the Graphic Design & Digital Media track students must be admitted into the University and successfully pass the Limited Access review. All students that have taken and passed the prerequisite courses or approved equivalents are eligible to apply.






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