Elizabeth Heuer Ph.D.

Assistant Professor, Art History 

Ph.D. Florida State University


E-mail: eheuer@unf.edu
Phone: (904) 620-3801
Office: Building: 45 Room: 2803


Elizabeth Heuer received her Ph.D. from Florida State University in 2008. Dr. Heuer’s research focuses on modern American visual culture, issues concerning tourism, and systems of communication. Teaching courses covering American early modern through contemporary art, she examines issues of patronage, cultural interaction and artistic exchange as well as the roles of political and intellectual thought. Additionally, she offers courses that examine major developments and issues in west African, Oceanic and Native American art, such as the role that art serves in a culture's religion, rituals, ceremonies, political structure, gender roles, and ethnic identity as well as the impact of the West upon the art of these regions, both in colonial and post-colonial contexts.