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The Biology Department is home to an increasing number of majors who have unique advising needs specific to their area of concentration and future career aspirations.  As a student you must do all you can to plan ahead and map out a schedule for the classes you need to take to graduate.  Along the way the Biology Department Faculty and Advisors are available to help answer the questions that will inevitably arise.  Course offerings and policies change.  What may have been true for your friends may be different for you.  Use the following information to find the office and the person who can answer your questions or get you going in the right direction.  Group Advising Sessions in the fall and spring provide majors with up to date information regarding department policies.  Mandatory advising will soon be required for all students.  Stay informed and make the effort to attend the various information sessions for your particular needs. 


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If you are currently a biology major you can also schedule an appointment through MyWings.


Call:  (904)620-2797

 Building 59, Room 3301


COAS Academic Advisor for Biology


Wilma Case-Starks

B.S. Biology, East Carolina University

MSPH Health Policy & Administration, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill


I have been a Jacksonville resident since 1994 and I joined UNF COAS Advising in Fall 2010 to provide focused advising for biology students.

Following the UNF Advising Philosophy, my goal is to guide Biology students towards their academic goals by providing information, references, and advice. Primary tools reviewed during most sessions are a student’s Degree Evaluation & Osprey Map. In conjunction with the faculty & other staff in the Biology Department, I want to see all our majors build a strong Biology foundation. With this, we know they will succeed in their post-graduate programs and careers.


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