UNF Drumline

Armando Staley and Bree Suberman, directors

The UNF Drumline is one of the most active groups at UNF. The Drumline represents the University not only on-campus at basketball games, pep rallies, homecoming events, and much more, but it also represents the university off-campus as well. The Drumline has represented the university on TV spots as well charity events for local elementary schools. The Drumline consists of two groups: one which is highly competitive and active in exciting the crowds at UNF sporting events, and the other works in conjunction with the UNF percussion ensemble to create a cross between standard drumline literature and a more avant-garde percussion experience. The Drumline personnel are the highest quality percussionists, many of whom have performed with high-level drum corps throughout the state. It also welcomes new members who are excited about music, drumline, and want to represent UNF at its best. The primary mission of the Drumline is to provide a valuable learning experience to its musicians; and therefore, Drumline auditions are welcome to all who are willing to work hard.

Michael Feeley attended the University of Miami, where he performed on the UM Drumline under the instruction of T. Clifton Smith and John Bixby. Mike has performed in the Rose Bowl, Fiesta Bowl and Orange Bowl parades and games. He performed weekly in the Orange bowl for football games or at FBA exhibitions across the state. Before becoming a Musical Director of the UNF Drumline, he was one of its members as the Bass Section Leader and tech. He is also a valuable member of the writing staff; his cadences are some of the most recognizable and well-received by the students at UNF.

Armando Staley graduated from Sandalwood High School, where he was the Drumline section leader and was awarded Best in Class Percussion. He was the Snare section leader in Teal Sound and won Top Drums in the Canadian Open in 2000. He went on to be Snare section leader of the FSU Big 8 Drumline, being awarded the Most Valuable Player in 2003. He also played for the Jags D-line, section leader there, as well. He has been teaching drumline percussion at area high schools since 2000, and is a Musical Director of the UNF Drumline.

Jess Watkins earned her BA at UNF, where she was a playing member of the UNF Drumline. After graduating, her role with the line changed to one of leadership, serving as the Operations Manager of the Drumline. She is currently pursuing her MA at UNF, where she continues her work as the UNF Drumline Manager.

Contact Andrea Venet at (904) 620-3831 for more info.