Arts and Sciences Committees, Councils, and Task Forces

The College of Arts and Sciences has a variety of committees, councils, and task forces in operation at any given time.  Current and recent ones are listed below. 

Ash Award Committee

Scott Brown (Art & Design)

Tim Donovan (English)

Judy Ochrietor, Chair (Biology)

Gordon Rakita (Sociology & Anthropology)

Banking Policy Task Force (Presently Inactive)

David Fenner, Chair (Dean's Office)

David Goff (CommunIcation)

Dan Moon (Biology)

Debra Murphy (Art & Design)

College Curriculum Committee

Click here for information.

Art & Design - Trevor Dunn

Biology - Julie Richmond

Chemistry - Amy Lane

Communication - Brian Thornton

Criminology & Criminal Justice – Michael Hallett

English – Chris Gabbard

History – Harry Rothschild

Languages, Literatures, & Cultures – Gregory Helmick

Mathematics & Statistics - Adel Boules

Music - Clarence Hines

Philosophy & Religious Studies - Sarah Mattice

Physics - Barry Albright

Political Science & Public Administration - Nick Seabrook

Psychology - Brian Fisak

Sociology & Anthropology - Ron Kephart

General Education Council

College Representatives (Five Voting Members):

Jeff Cornett (COEHS)

Sherif Elfaymoumy (CCEC) 

Andres Gallo (CCB)

Judy Perkin (BCH)

Vacant (COAS)


Faculty Association Representatives (Four Voting Members):

Faz Al-Rubaee (Mathematics & Statistics, representing Mathematical Sciences, term expires on 9/13)

Chris Gabbard (English, representing Humanities, term expires on 9/14)

Juliana Leding (Psychology, representing Social Sciences, term expires on 9/13)

Jamie Moon (Biology, representing Natural Sciences, term expires on 9/14)


Student Goverment Associate Representative (One Voting Member)


Chair (Non-Voting; Appointed by the Dean of the College of Arts and Sciences):

A. Samuel Kimball (Dean's Office)


Click here for General Education Council Bylaws.

General Education Task Force

John Anderson (Physics)

Scott Brown (Art & Design)

Sharon Cobb (CCB)

Jeff Coker (Undergraduate Studies)

Erinn Gilson (Philosophy)

Stephen Heywood (Art & Design)

Scott Hochwald (Mathematics & Statistics)

Linda Howell (English)

Christine Holland (Communication)

A. Samuel Kimball, Chair (Dean's Office)

Jamie Moon (Biology)

Gordon Rakita (Sociology & Anthropology)

Dan Richard (OFE)

Randy Tinnin (Music)

Bruce Turner (ACE)

Jennifer Wesely (Criminology & Criminal Justice)

Interdisciplinary Council

Scott Brown (Art & Design)

David Fenner, Chair (Dean's Office)

Julie Ingersoll (Religious Studies/Philosophy)

Krista Paulsen (Sociology & Anthropology)

Dan Richard (OFE)

Harry Rothschild (History)

Pam Zeiser (Political Science & Public Administration)

Scheduling Policy Task Force (Presently Inactive)

Matt Corrigan (Political Science & Public Administration)

David Fenner, Chair (Dean's Office)

Scott Hochwald (Mathematics & Statistics)

Bert Koegler (Philosophy)