Arts and Sciences Committees, Councils, and Task Forces

The College of Arts and Sciences has a variety of committees, councils, and task forces in operation at any given time.  Current and recent ones are listed below. 

Ash Award Committee

Scott Brown (Art & Design)

Tim Donovan (English)

Judy Ochrietor, Chair (Biology)

Gordon Rakita (Sociology & Anthropology)

Banking Policy Task Force (Presently Inactive)

David Fenner, Chair (Dean's Office)

David Goff (CommunIcation)

Dan Moon (Biology)

Debra Murphy (Art & Design)

College Curriculum Committee

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Art & Design - Trevor Dunn

Biology - Terry Ellis

Chemistry - Corey Causey

Communication - Chunsik Lee 

Criminology & Criminal Justice – Michael Hallett

English – Chris Gabbard

History – Harry Rothschild

Languages, Literatures, & Cultures – Gregory Helmick

Mathematics & Statistics - Adel Boules

Music - Stephen Gosden 

Philosophy & Religious Studies - Sarah Mattice

Physics - Barry Albright

Political Science & Public Administration - Matt Childers, Josh Gellers

Psychology - Tracy Alloway 

Sociology, Anthropology, & Social Work - Ron Kephart

General Education Council

Purpose: The General Education Council provides faculty direction and oversight for the University's General Education and Associate of Arts programs, including their structures, policies, procedures, and evaluations.


Chair: A. Samuel Kimball,, x2560


Membership: Four voting members elected by the Faculty Association to represent disciplinary area, one voting member appointed by each of the five colleges, and one voting member appointed by the Student

Government Association.  Current members and term available at:  

General Education Task Force

Purpose: The General Education Task Force researches, analyzes, and makes recommendations on the range of issues that come before the General Education Council, undertakes the assessment of the General  Education curriculum, and annually reviews the program.


Chair: A. Samuel Kimball,, x2560


Membership: For current members, or if interested in participating, contact Task Force chair A. Samuel Kimball.


Interdisciplinary Council

Scott Brown (Art & Design)

David Fenner, Chair (Dean's Office)

Julie Ingersoll (Religious Studies/Philosophy)

Krista Paulsen (Sociology & Anthropology)

Dan Richard (OFE)

Harry Rothschild (History)

Pam Zeiser (Political Science & Public Administration)

Scheduling Policy Task Force (Presently Inactive)

Matt Corrigan (Political Science & Public Administration)

David Fenner, Chair (Dean's Office)

Scott Hochwald (Mathematics & Statistics)

Bert Koegler (Philosophy)