• Undergraduate Program Curriculum

    The content and quality the UNF Transportation and Logistics Program curriculum offers qualifies graduates for the APICS certification (CTL) blanket waiver, a designation given to only 30 academic affiliates nationwide. The UNF curriculum emphasizes the perspective of logistics as an integrated part of Supply Chain Management. Students are exposed to courses in information systems, quantitative methods, transportation, warehouse management, distribution, international logistics, logistics management, subsystems, and a Capstone in Supply Chain Management. Students are encouraged to complete a semester long internship or work part-time with a company engaged in logistics and/or supply chain management to provide practical experience and opportunities to apply their education to problems and issues in business.  




    • Please see an advisor for an OFFICIAL program of study. This program is pending evaluation of official transcripts.
    • You must complete prerequisites before registering for any course. Refer to the Course Catalog for details.
    • View the My Osprey Map [Course Sequence Guide] to keep on track for graduation – should be used in consultation with an academic advisor after admission to UNF.
    • The Cultural Diversity course should be chosen from the approved list.
    • A student may receive credit for a course only once. However, the GPA will reflect all repeated courses.
    • This program is subject to a student fully admitted into the Coggin College of Business.
    • An approved dual enrollment form is required prior to registering for courses at another institution. Students are not allowed to enroll in courses at another institution during their last semester at UNF.




  • Major: Transportation and Logistics
    Degree: Bachelor of Business Admin.