• International Business (IB) Minor

    Students in the Coggin College of Business with an interest in the increasingly important area of international business may wish to develop a schedule which includes the courses constituting the minor in International Business. With careful course scheduling, a student should be able to meet the requirements for the minor in International Business without exceeding the 60 upper-level hour requirement for a B.B.A.



    • Please see an advisor for an OFFICIAL program of study. This program is pending evaluation of official transcripts.
    • You must complete prerequisites before registering for any course. Refer to the Course Catalog for details.



  • Minor: International Business
    Minor: International Business (12 credits)
    ECO3701 CD-Contemporary Intl Eco (3 Credits)
    SELECT Choose 3 courses (9 cr)
    Choose 3 additional courses from the following categories A, B, C and D, at least 1 of which should be an upper-level business course.
    • A. SEMESTER ABROAD Select up to 3 courses at a Coggin or UNF exhange partner institution.
    • B. BUSINESS Select up to 3 courses from the following: ACG 4956, ECO 4956, GEO 4956, FIN 4956, MAR 4956, MAN 4956, TRA 4956, BUL 3130, MAN 3025, MAN 4143, MAN 4064, MAN 4600, GEB 4941, MAR 3023, MAR 4156, TRA 4721, ECS 3013, ECS 3403, GEO 3502, GEO 3553, GIS 3043, FIN 3403, FIN 4604, other elective course approved by IB Director.
    • C. SELECT up to 1 course (3000 to 4000 level) from the following prefixes: HIS, GEO, ASH, EUH, LAH.
    • D. LANGUAGES Select up to 1 course (2000 to 4000 level) from the following prefixes: SPN, FRE, GER, CHI.
    Minor: International Business (15 credits)
    This minor is available only to students majoring in Business. The minor requires 15 semester hours of which 9 must be taken at UNF. A grade of C or better is required in all courses. IB minors are permitted to take up to 12 minor hours abroad IF they are taking the courses at a Coggin College exchange partner institution.
    • Transient/concurrent enrollment at another institution is not permitted.
    MINOR Requirements
    A student must take:
    • ECO 3704 International Trade
    • FIN 4604 International Finance
    • MAN 4600 International Management
    SELECT 1 course from list:
    • MAR 4156 International Marketing
    • TRA 4721 International Logistics
    SELECT 1 course from list:
    • HIS 3000-4000 level
    • GEO 3000-4000 level
    • ASH 3000-4000 level
    • EUH 3000-4000 level
    • LAH 3000-4000 level