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About ESCEM School of Business & Management

ESCEM is ranked among the top institutions of the French Higher Education System. Each year, ESCEM recruits approximately 70 visiting professors from various countries to provide a new outlook on economic, social and cultural aspects of business. Over fifteen percent of the student population is international and every day over 25 nationalities mingle on campus. This is a great setting if you wish to enhance your knowledge of French language, culture and business. ESCEM School of Business and Management boasts two beautiful campuses in Poitiers and Tours, each with its unique identity and charm. You may fall in love with France as you study in either of these picturesque European cities.



Poitiers & Tours, France

Poitiers is a mid-sized town located about an hour and a half southwest of Paris. Home to two universities, students make up two-thirds of the city's population. With its many restaurants, cafés and nightclubs, the city provides a lively and youthful atmosphere. Studying abroad in Poitiers will surely be an unforgettable experience for you.  Undergraduate and graduate business courses offered in English – no French language background required.

Tours has been called one of France's most hospitable and lively cities. Famous for fine cuisine, wine and castles, Tours is also home for nearly 30,000 students. Consider the possibilities of a semester in a city that captivates people with its landscape, traditions and rich culture. Undergraduate and graduate business courses offered in French – you must speak some French to participate.


Undergraduate & Graduate Program

Application Material

Submit the following materials directly to Kate Mattingly Learch (Building 10, Room 2125) not to the exchange partner or other UNF offices:

Submit the following materials directly to the UNF International Center (Building 58E, Room 2300) not to the exchange partner or other UNF offices:

  • UNF Study Abroad Information Packet (available from the International Center)
  • Copy of visa, once obtained
  • International health insurance information, once obtained


Other Information


The International Exchange Team at ESCEM works with you to find accommodations. Once accepted, ESCEM will send you an accommodation form to better understand your preferences. Rent for furnished communal apartments ranges from $190–$500 per month, depending on preferences. It is common to pay a deposit of one month's rent and a small contract fee. FAQs.

Academic Calendar

The fall semester runs from early September to mid-December; the spring semester runs from January to May.

French Language Courses

Each semester begins with an intensive French seminar. ESCEM offers various levels of French language courses during the fall and spring semesters.

Visa & Health Insurance Information

Students are required to individually obtain the necessary visa for study abroad prior to departure. Most semester programs are more than 90 days. Students should visit the U.S. Department of State webpage which links to each country's Embassy. Many visa applications must be made in person — please plan ahead! For additional visa information and to discuss UNF's requirement for health insurance coverage, please visit UNF's International Center (Building 58E, Room 2300).

Additional Information



Ms. Maggy Sourisseau
Incoming Students
ESCEM, Poitiers campus
+ 33 549 60 59 13

Ms. Catherine Saulay
Outgoing/Incoming Students
ESCEM, Tours campus
+ 33 247 71 71 64