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Universidad Mayor has approximately 8,000 undergraduate students studying at various campuses. All undergraduate courses are taught in Spanish. Cultural, academic and social student activities are supported at Universidad Mayor. All students are encouraged to organize and participate in activities. Getting involved will give you a great opportunity to make Chilean friends, learn about the local culture and practice your Spanish — you must speak some Spanish to participate.  

Santiago, Chile

Santiago, the capital of Chile, is located near the Andes Mountains and two hours from the Pacific Ocean. The coastline stretches for 2,500 miles. Inhabited by five million, Santiago is a modern city with colonial character and history. You can visit various parts of the city easily by subway, bus or taxi. There are wonderful travel opportunities for you outside of Santiago as well. You can visit the beach at Viña del Mar, picturesque Valparaiso, ski resorts or vineyards to try Chilean wines. One semester in Chile may not be enough time to see everything. Have you considered studying abroad for the academic year?

Undergraduate Program

Program Information

Application Material

Fall Semester Application Deadline: April 1

Spring Semester Application Deadline: October 1

Universidad Mayor currently only teaches business courses in Spanish. Interested applicants must speak some Spanish to apply.


Submit the following materials directly to Alyssa Kyff (Building 10, Room 2125) not to the exchange partner or other UNF offices:

Submit the following materials directly to the UNF International Center (Building 58E, Room 2300) not to the exchange partner or other UNF offices:

  • UNF Study Abroad Information Packet (available from the International Center)
  • Copy of visa, once obtained
  • International health insurance information, once obtained

Other Information


Universidad Mayor works with an outside provider to help you find accommodations in Santiago. Apartment rent is approximately $500 per month. Host families are carefully selected. Rent is approximately $400 per month and includes breakfast, lunch, dinner and laundry. It is common to pay a deposit of one month's rent and a small contract fee.

Academic Calendar

The fall semester (or "semester 2") runs from early August to mid-December; the spring semester (or "semester 1") runs from late February to late July. View Universidad Mayor's academic calendar.

Spanish Language Courses

Universidad Mayor offers a 3-credit, 1-month Spanish language course before the fall semester begins. This program costs approximately $1,200, including a host family stay. Alternatively, students may take a 2 or 3-credit Spanish language course during the semester for approximately $300.  Read more (in English) about UM's Spanish language courses here.  

Visa & Health Insurance Information

Students are required to individually obtain the necessary visa for study abroad prior to departure. Most semester programs are more than 90 days. Students should visit the U.S. Department of State webpage which links to each country's Embassy. Many visa applications must be made in person — please plan ahead! For additional visa information and to discuss UNF's requirement for health insurance coverage, please visit UNF's International Center (Building 58E, Room 2300).

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