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Universidad Austral is home to the IAE Business School where you may study. Its mission is “to contribute to the development of knowledge and the training of business people, not only on management skills but also on the human values required for management.” With over 25 years of experience educating business professionals in South America, IAE offers excellent programs of study.
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Rosario, Argentina

With one million inhabitants, theaters, art museums, national monuments and two professional soccer teams, Rosario has a very cosmopolitan feel. Located on the Paraná River 180 miles from Buenos Aires, Rosario is an important urban center for regional development within Argentina. The city is an industrial, commercial and business hub with a strategic location regarding MERCOSUR (Southern Common Market).

The commercial area, filled with shopping centers, pubs and sophisticated restaurants, is a great place to spend your time. You can enjoy Rosario's rich history while visiting this modern city's beautiful parks and riverside, including Florida Beach. Due to the high value of the dollar against the Argentine peso, Argentina is an extremely inexpensive place to live and study.

Undergraduate Program

Program Information

Application Material


Fall Semester Application Deadline: April 1

Spring Semester Application Deadline: October 1

Submit the following materials directly to Alyssa Kyff (Building 10, Room 2125) not to the exchange partner or other UNF offices:

Submit the following materials directly to the UNF International Center (Building 58E, Room 2300) not to the exchange partner or other UNF offices:

  • UNF Study Abroad Information Packet (available from the International Center)
  • Copy of visa, once obtained
  • International health insurance information, once obtained

Other Information


Universidad Austral can help students to find housing accommodations in a home stay with Argentinean families or a shared apartment in the city with other international and exchange students. Rent ranges based on location and accommodations. Monthly rent is approximately $250 per month. It is common to pay a deposit of one month's rent and a small contract fee.

Academic Calendar

The fall semester (or "semester 2") runs from early August to December; the spring semester (or "semester 1") runs from March to July. You can view Austral's academic calendar online here.

Spanish Language Courses

Austral does not currently offer Spanish language courses for exchange students.

Visa & Health Insurance Information

Students are required to individually obtain the necessary visa for study abroad prior to departure. Most semester programs are more than 90 days. Students should visit the U.S. Department of State webpage which links to each country's Embassy. Many visa applications must be made in person — please plan ahead! For additional visa information and to discuss UNF's requirement for health insurance coverage, please visit UNF's International Center (Building 58E, Room 2300)


Ciro Lavadenz

Exchange Programs Coordinator
Universidad Austral
Facultad de Ciencias Empresariales
+54 (341) 522 3000