Coggin Semester Abroad Application Process

STEP 1: Meet with the Semester Study Abroad Advisor

Stop by the International Business Flagship office (Bldg.10, Honors Hall, Rm. 2125), or email to schedule an appointment with the Semester Study Abroad Advisor, Alyssa Kyff. Meeting with an advisor will help to determine your pre-requisite status for studying abroad on an exchange program, and ensure that you are going abroad during a time and to a location that best suits your needs. You are welcome to meet with a study abroad advisor as early as your first semester on campus in order to begin planning for your study abroad. Students who intend to go abroad for one semester should begin meeting with the study abroad advisor at least (2) semesters before studying abroad, and should make sure to have a valid passport on hand by the time of application. 


STEP 2: Submit Scholarship and Application Materials

After meeting with a study abroad advisor, you will know what application materials are needed for your program and when they will be due (as these will vary by program). You will also work on submitting any scholarships you are interested in applying for. Make sure to keep in touch with the study abroad advisor so that you are aware of any paperwork, online forms, or scholarship opportunities that might apply to you! You will need to complete all application and scholarship materials the semester before you plan to go abroad, so email your study abroad advisor early! Once your application materials have been submitted, your advisor will work with you regarding the next steps for your exchange program.


STEP 3: Personal Advising and Overseas Course Selection

Courses taken abroad must first be approved by the Coggin College of Business before they can count toward a student's degree. Continue to meet with the semester study abroad advisor during the semester before you plan to go abroad. Your study abroad advisor will review the courses you still need to complete for your degree with you, and will advise you individually on the courses being offered at the location and time of your exchange program. At this point, your advisor will help you to complete your concurrent enrollment and learning agreement forms in addition to providing you with registration information. 


STEP 4: Attend Pre-Departure Orientation & a Study Abroad Safety Session

All students going abroad on a semester exchange program are required to a Pre-Departure Orientation and a Study Abroad Safety Session to prepare them for a semester (or more) overseas. Your study abroad advisor will inform you of the dates for these meetings that apply to you. 


STEP 5: Check in with the Semester Study Abroad Advisor when you complete Step 4!

Contact is key to a successful exchange program, and additional steps will be required ! Keep in touch with the semester study abroad advisor and make sure you are aware of any additional deadlines or meetings that apply to you. Your advisor will inform you when to begin working with the UNF International Center to apply for your visa (if needed), and when to start searching for plane tickets. See your study abroad advisor if you have questions!

Note: For study abroad opportunities outside of the Coggin College of Business, visit the UNF InternationalCenter.


Note: If you are a Coggin student requesting to receive credit for a non-Coggin study abroad program, meet with a Coggin Academic Advisor (Bldg. 42, Rm. 2120) to submit a petition.