Coggin Semester Abroad Application Process

STEP 1: Semester Program Application Form

Each Coggin exchange partner has its own application for incoming students. These forms are posted on the individual semester program webpage under “Application Material”. Submit this application (and any other items required for the exchange partner) to Shelby Huber (Bldg. 10, Rm. 2125) by the application deadline.

Note: If you are a Coggin student requesting to receive credit for a non-Coggin study abroad program, meet with a Coggin Academic Advisor (Bldg. 42, Rm. 2120) to submit a petition.


STEP 2: International Center Information Form

Meet with the UNF International Center Study Abroad Advisor to discuss your plans to go abroad. You will be given an information packet which needs to be returned to the International Center (Student Union East, Suite 2300).


STEP 3: Course Approvals

Courses taken abroad must first be approved by the Coggin College of Business before they can count toward a student's degree.

  • Review exchange partner's webpage to determine which courses are offered during the term you will be abroad.
  • Review the Coggin equivalency database to determine how courses can be used in your degree evaluation.
  • Meet with Shelby Huber to complete a concurrent enrollment form and learning agreement for courses that you plan to take abroad. It is expected that there will be changes to your concurrent enrollment form once you have determined your final schedule while abroad. 

STEP 4: Photocopy of Passport

All students need a valid passport for the duration of their stay abroad. U.S. passport forms and directions are available at the U.S. Department of State Passport Services. Students need to either email a clear, color scan of the photo/signature page of their valid passport to Shelby Huber, or bring the passport to the Coggin Study Abroad Office for scanning (Bldg.10, Rm. 2125).


STEP 5: Attend Pre-Departure Meetings

All students are required to attend a safety and security session held by the International Center prior to departure, and a pre-departure orientation held by Coggin Study Abroad. Meet with Shelby Huber (Bldg.10, Rm. 2125) for pre-departure information. 


STEP 6: Registration

Kate Mattingly Learch or Shelby Huber will give you permission to enroll in XCH 4000 International Exchange Program (12 or 15 undergraduate hours) or XCH 6000 International Exchange Program (12 graduate hours) at UNF for the term that you will be abroad.

  • Register and pay for XCH 4000 or XCH 6000 by the posted UNF deadlines.
  • Complete the registration (course selection) process at your exchange partner as defined by the study abroad program.