Accounting & Finance Internships

Criteria for Internships

In order to apply for accounting or finance internship credit within the department of Accounting and Finance, the following criteria must be met.

  • The position must be designated as an internship position with a definite beginning and ending date. This position may not be a permanent one and cannot be for a firm where the student has been previously employed. The employer cannot be a family member of the student.
  • The position must entail significant accounting duties for an accounting internship or significant finance duties for a finance internship.
  • The position must pay a minimum compensation rate of $10.00 per hour.
  • The position must entail at least 20 hours of work per week for an entire semester (15-16 weeks) in order to earn three semester hours credit (adjustments in hours and length can be arranged for the summer semester.)
  • The student requesting the internship credit must have a minimum 3.00 cumulative GPA at the University of North Florida and be admitted to the Coggin College of Business.
  • Retroactive credit cannot be granted for a previous work experience.
  • A student requesting an accounting internship must have successfully completed ACG 3103 (Intermediate Accounting I) with a “C” or better. 

  • A student requesting a finance internship must have successfully completed FIN 3403 (Financial Management) with a “C” or better.

Students are required to submit a five-page paper detailing their internship experience and how it relates to their professional goals. Grading for accounting and finance internships is on a pass/fail basis. Employers are also asked to complete a performance evaluation on each student.


Procedure to Secure Credit for Internships

  • If both sets of criteria are met (student qualification and job qualifications), students should ask the prospective employer to write a letter on company letterhead to the internship coordinator with details of the employment opportunity. Each of the points covered in bulleted items 1 to 4 above should be clearly enumerated. The internship duties must be specifically listed so that the coordinator can evaluate the internship and decide whether credit can be granted. The letter must also clearly indicate that this employment is a temporary internship opportunity and give the starting and ending date of the employment. The student's name and N number must be included in the letter. (See next item.)
  • The employer letter must be received by the internship coordinator at least one week before the beginning of the semester for which internship credit is being requested.
  • After the coordinator reviews all facts, the student will be contacted by email concerning the approval of the internship credit.
  • Students receiving electronic approval will be able to register for the internship via the web.

Other Information

Students normally find their own internships. See listing of internship opportunities on the Coggin College of Business website.
Frequently employers find that the student interning is someone they would like to employ on a permanent basis. Accordingly, employers who hire an intern on a permanent basis subsequent to the internship can do so.

David Jaeger
Accounting & Finance Internship Coordinator & Department Chair
Coggin College of Business
Building 42, Room 3001
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