Student Services

The Career Management Center offers specialized services to help students begin successful and fulfilling careers. Through proactive and individualized assistance, the center aims to provide a competitive edge to allow Coggin students and alumni to secure the best positions available.



Services Available to Students:

  • Access to job postings via Osprey CareerLink
  • Individual career counseling
  • S.T.A.R. Program
  • Résumé assistance
  • Interview skills preparation
  • Recruiting and networking events
  • Networking training and assistance
  • Workshops on career topics
  • Official business cards for Coggin College of Business Students

Schedule an Appointment: 

Monday - Friday, by appointment only held in the Career Management Center. Contact (904) 620-2067 to schedule an appointment.



No Show/Cancellation Policy for On Campus Interviews & Recruiting Events 

As a professional courtesy, students are expected to show up for their scheduled interviews.  Unless an emergency, notice given less than 48 hours in advance of a scheduled interview is not acceptable Slots fill up quickly and often have waiting lists so if you must cancel, please do so in advance. 



1st Offense 

  • Student must write an apology email to the recruiter and cc: before they may sign up for another interview.   
2nd Offense 
  • Student must write an apology email to the recruiter and cc:  
  • Student will lose the privilege of participating in any interviews for the balance of the semester.  


Please direct questions regarding this policy to the Career Management Center at (904) 620-2067 or .