Graduate certificate program

Program Offered

  • e–Business 

Who should take the certificate program?

Any graduate or post-graduate business student wanting to update their skills by learning about these new and important business models, should take the certificate program. Additionally, any current graduate student seeking a practical elective in their MBA program might want to select courses from among the e-business and international business certificate program offerings. Each of the e-business and international classes will count as a MBA elective. In addition, those graduates or post-graduates holding technical degrees might want to further develop their own career option with an international business and/or e-business certificate and perhaps ultimately the MBA.


  • Please see an advisor for an OFFICIAL program of study. This program is pending evaluation of official transcripts.
  • Some elective courses require additional prerequisites. You must complete course prerequisites before registering for any graduate course. Refer to the course catalog for details.

Certificate in e-Business

The Certificate in e-Business provides graduate students in business with a solid foundation in both the theory and strategy of a variety of e-Business issues. The purpose of the program is to provide student participants the requisite management skills for the new economy. As organizations compete more aggressively for e-Business savvy managers, there are significant career opportunities for those individuals skilled in this dynamic and evolving business practice. E-Business is big business, whether you’re talking about an early stage startup, a multinational corporation or anything in between. These activities represent a significant and escalating area of organizational spending. Despite the magnitude and importance of this business practice, practitioners frequently express dissatisfaction with the process, outcomes and the availability of individuals who are prepared to manage in this arena. Thus, the purpose of this certificate is to prepare our graduates as future economy participants to capitalize on this swiftly moving business model by offering a hybrid of cross-functional, Internet enhanced classroom learning experiences designed to provide exposure to the most important drivers of this emerging field.

Students must possess graduate standing in the Coggin College of Business in order to enroll in the e-Business Certificate Program. In order to receive the Certificate in e-Business, students must have an average GPA in certificate courses of 3.0 and no grade below a  C.”



Requirements: 15 Hours

MAN 6026    Project Management
(normally offered in spring or summer)
MAN 6785     E-Business Strategy
(normally offered in fall)
MAN 6875    Entrepreneurial & Venture Capital
MAR 6726     Marketing on Internet: Strategy
(normally offered in spring)
TRA 6157    E-Supply Chain Management


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