The Coggin College of Business offers majors in several relevant areas of business. Students with a strong business education position themselves to excel in a multitude of different types of career opportunities. Specialization in a specific area of business is accomplished by choosing the appropriate major that align with a student's career goals.


Guidelines for Earning a Bachelor of Business Administration Degree  

A student should declare a business major as soon as possible. An official Degree Evaluation is provided to all students. The degree evaluation and Academic Advisors are available to guide students through their course of study for a timely completion of their degree.



Double Degrees 

Students interested in spending two years of their studies abroad and earning two undergraduate degrees might consider a double degree program.  Such programs are rare at the undergraduate level in the United States and help differentiate students upon graduation.


KEDGE/UNF Double Degree 




Earning a minor demonstrates that a student has completed additional academic work outside their major. Additionally, a minor allows a student to explore interests, curiosity and to standout in the workforce.


Guidelines for Earning a Minor  

The Coggin College of Business offers minors in areas that are appropriate to enhance the Bachelor's degree. You can begin taking courses for your minor as early as your first semester, thus you need to declare a minor early. Business students who want to declare a minor should speak with their academic advisor.