Alumni Demographics

The Department of Construction Management graduates go on to rewarding careers.  We conduct surveys of our alumni both to find out how they are doing and what they might have learned in the industry that could be used to improve our program.

There are 51 respondents to our most recent alumni survey.  Some demographics from this survey include:

  • 89 percent work in the Construction Management field
  • The types of employment include:
    • Construction Executive: 14 percent
    • Construction Manager (including project manager, quality control manager, field manager, etc.): 43 percent
    • Construction Engineer (including project engineer, field engineer, etc.): 20 percent
    • Construction Professional (including scheduler, estimator, etc.): 4 percent
    • Construction Sales: 6 percent
    • Non-Construction Employment: 2 percent
  • Respondents are employed around the country, including in: Alabama, Colorado, District of Columbia, Florida, Georgia, Maryland, and Tennessee.
  • 83 percent find employment in Florida
  • 65 percent are located in northeast Florida
  • Upon graduation, starting, annual salaries ranged from $29,120 to $55,000, with an average of $42,936.