Engineering Connect Program

How Connect Works

Connect pairs our students with industry to help solve specific challenges identified by companies. Students bring your business problems back into the classroom and work with professors to find the most efficient and cost effective solutions. This mutually beneficial initiative will result in efficient problem solving by our students as they gain hands-on-experience, knowledge, and inspiration. 

Employer Benefits

  • Employers benefit from a team of highly motivated and knowledgeable students.
  • Employers help students obtain a solida base of theory and technical skills, before they begin employment.
  • Employers benefit from a team of highly motivated and knowledgeable students.
  • Students can be assessed for their ability, professionalism and aptitude as potential career employees reducing costs of recruitment and
    ensuring greater success of employment efforts.
  • Employers assist UNF in producing highly productive engineers and potential future leaders by complementing and enhancing a student's academic study through meaningful work experience.

Student Benefits

  • Students gain meaningful engineering experience to complement academic studies.
  • Students develop a professional attitude that is reflected in the performance of responsibilities and tasks, and learn about the importance of professionalism in the real world.
  • Students assess a future employer.
  • Students obtain more interesting and satisfying jobs because of the experience
  • Students stand out from other graduates in the eyes of employers.

Benefits for the UNF School of Engineering

UNF and its engineering programs further their common objectives of providing market-driven education and preparing students to be productive engineers, thinkers, doers, and leaders.


For more information about Connect, contact
Kathie Carswell, Coordinator, Outreach and Recruitment
(904) 620-1358
(904) 620-2385 FAX